The Quarry: How To Save Max

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Here is a complete guide on how to save Max.

The Quarry lets you make all kinds of choices in the game as you play through. Not every option in the game is the right one, and it could end in you killing a character or two. At the start of the game, you will meet the first two characters, Laura and Max.

Saving all characters in The Quarry can be challenging, especially when each character has a deadly encounter. However, you will not see them together till the later part of the game. It can be quite tricky to keep Max alive as his survival is tied with the survival of others. So below, we have made a complete guide on how to save Max in The Quarry.

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How to Save Max in The Quarry

Before we head to the guide, reading ahead, you might get spoilers, so we would suggest you play the game first before reading this first. Saving Max is challenging in the game as you will need to ensure that Laura and Dylan don’t die the game.

Prologue Danger

In the prologue, after you choose to pick up the Wrenches to get inside the bunker, Luara will see a dead body of a dead animal. Max will get attacked from here, and you have to choose between saving him or leaving him. In the prologue, Max gets taken away, and Hackett sedates Laura.

Whether you save or leave him either way, it won’t matter here as the result will be the same. However, choosing Laura to leave him with the creature will cause him to be bitter with Laura later in the game.

How to save Max
Credit- Supermassive Games

Chapter 5 Danger

In chapter 5, remember to keep Dylan alive and not shoot the ceiling of the radio tower. It will allow Kaitlyn, Abi, and Nick to be safe and sound. However, after Dylan gets attacked, remember to choose desperately. It will cause you to use the chainsaw to chop off his hand and stop him from becoming a werewolf.

Chapter 7 Danger

In chapter 7, when you are talking with Travis, compliment him. Moreover, do not choose any call for help options. After Laura escapes, check out the locker on the third floor to get a syringe. After you get the syringe, return to the cell and give it to Laura. Next up, make sure you tell Laura not to grab the gun. It is an essential encounter as this could lead Luara to shoot Travis, which will lead to Luara’s death and eventually Max’s.

Chapter 9 Danger

In chapter 9, when Laura attacks Travis after transforming, remember to select the QTE, which will make Ryan shoot Chirs. It will result in curing Max, and Travis won’t stab Laura as she didn’t shoot him in chapter 7. All these decisions are essential for Max’s survival, so you should follow them as we have mentioned.

Chapter 10 Danger

Max’s life comes into danger at this level, and here is where all other decisions you took count. Remember to keep Laura and Dylan alive to this level to ensure he stays alive. In chapter 10, after you lift Max’s curse and Chris gets killed by Ryan, you will now be controlling Max.

The game will let you decide to swim and go to Caleb. Remember to not go into the water and rather stay as this will result in him dying instantly. If you made this far with Max being alive, he would remain alive for the rest of the game as well, as there are no near-death encounters for him after this level.

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