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Laura’s survival is the key to unlocking The Quarry’s true or best ending. Keep reading to learn how you can save her character.

Played by Siobhan Williams, Laura Kearney is the first character you get to play as in The Quarry. If you play your cards right, Laura stands to be the most vital character of all the nine counselors. That’s because you’ll need her to survive to unlock the game’s true or best ending. With that being said, some of the worst endings of the game are also tied to her character’s fate.

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Among all 12 chapters in The Quarry, you can play as Laura in the Prologue chapter, along with Chapters 7, 9, and 10. However, you’ll need to make some major decisions to save her character. In this guide, we will go over all the chapter-wise decisions you need to make when playing as Laura.

Save Laura in The Quarry

Usually, in a game like The Quarry, players must keep up with all the Quick Time Events (QTE) thrown in their way. Moreover, there will also be plenty of Combat, Don’t Breath challenges, and Interrupts that you need to execute flawlessly.

To ensure her character survives, you must maintain a positive relationship with Travis Hackett – the sheriff you meet in the Prologue chapter. Below are all the decisions you can take to save Laura in The Quarry.


Although Laura doesn’t necessarily die during the Prologue, you still need to unlock the Above The Law story path to ensure she survives until the final chapter. Here’s how to unlock it (Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!).

First, after crashing the car, Laura will get pretty spooked by the things she sees in the woods. A sheriff will then approach your vehicle and ask you a series of questions regarding the accident. During this interaction, pick the following dialogue options:

  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Compliant
  • Relieved

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is a flashback episode, so there are no direct death encounters for Laura here. That said, your actions during Chapter 7 will significantly ensure Laura’s survival in Chapter 9. In addition, Travis will take Max and Laura into custody at the beginning of this chapter. So, you’ll be seeing Travis around a lot.

There will be plenty of early opportunities for escaping, but none will be fruitful. In fact, multiple escape attempts will only worsen your relationship with Travis. And as stated earlier, you need to be on Travis’ good side if you want Laura to live. So, whenever he asks questions, always choose the Compliant dialogue options. You also have to make sure that you don’t Lash Out.

Moreover, you’ll also have to pick the Do not call for help option. Instead, when you’re trapped in the prison cell, grab the spoon on the windowsill and use it to pry open the loosened brick by your cell bed. This will be an essential hiding spot for an item you find later in the chapter.

When you’re free to move around the station at night, make your way upstairs and go through Travis’ belongings to acquire a syringe. Then, go back to your cell and hide the needle inside the brick’s opening.

You can make your escape during the next full moon by pretending to be sick and luring Travis into your cell. Use the tranquilizer to knock Travis out instead of reaching for the gun. To make sure Laura doesn’t get stabbed to death in Chapter 9, you must not shoot Travis during your prison escape.

Chapter 9

After explaining everything to the counselors, Laura and Ryan will head for the Hackett family house. But unfortunately, this is where things can really take a turn for the worst for Laura. The Hackett family members are not only vile but are also filled with murderous intent.

When you’re playing the story as Laura, you’ll engage in a struggle with Constance Hackett. As she tries to take the shotgun off your hand, the prompt for the QTE will start. Passing it will cause the gun to be fired, blowing Constance’s head off.

This will cause Bobby to stab Ryan and run after Laura with Jed. Now that you’re playing as Ryan, choose to keep the knife in. If you pull the knife, Ryan will bleed out and endanger Laura’s survival. When the scene shifts back to Laura, either hide in the bathroom to avoid Jediah Hackett or go for the Attack and Smash option during your face-off.

Now that you’re back to playing as Ryan, allow Laura to bite you so that the route for the true ending opens up. Laura will turn into a werewolf soon after this and attack Travis. You’ll need to flawlessly execute this skill check for shooting werewolf Chris so that Laura turns back into a human.

If you’ve followed our directions up until this point, Travis will ask for your help in finding Silas. If not, Travis will stab Laura with a silver-back mirror.

Chapter 10

Ensuring Laura’s survival in the final chapter of The Quarry is all up to passing the QTEs. When the white wolf attacks your vehicle, execute all the QTEs flawlessly to prevent it from crashing. Crashing the car will result in a bad ending where Laura dies.

If you manage to make it to the next phase of the story, the prompt for Raise Gun? will appear. Ignoring this Interrupt will cause Travis to lash out at Laura, starting a scuffle where you end up killing him. When the next QTE starts, you must shoot Silas, or he’ll kill Laura and Ryan.

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