The Quarry: How to Save Jacob

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Here is how you can save Jacob in The Quarry.

The Quarry, a survival horror game by Supermassive Games, is where each decision has consequences that could get characters killed or become bitter toward you. The game has nine playable characters, each with a different kind of role. Some characters can be very annoying and frustrate you in the end, but if you are looking to get that sweet ending where you save all of them. Below we have made a complete guide on How to save Jacob In the Quarry.

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How to Save Jacob in The Quarry

This guide includes a lot of spoilers, so if you have not yet played the game. So we would suggest you go through it first and then come here. Furthermore, there are a lot of different moments where Jacob dies in the game.

Even the most minor decisions could lead to significant outcomes in The Quarry. Hence, players must be careful when choosing a path in the game. Not only selecting paths, your actions like passing QTEs are also essential when playing a game like this. Moreover, below we have added each possible death encounter and what to do to avoid it.

Chapter 3 Death Encounter

Remember we said small encounters in this game have enormous consequences. The first incident is when Jacob hears Abi screaming and rushes into the woods to save her. As Jacob runs inside the woods, you change to the character Ryan. Here Ryan will listen to some sounds coming from the bushes.

How to save Jacob
Credit- Supermassive Games

Here you will get the choice of shooting using your shotgun. However, refrain from using both times as this could result in the potential death of Jacob. After you don’t kill Jacob and he reaches the docks, the game will give you the choice of diving inside the water and helping her. Remember here to perfectly perform their QTEs and detangle yourself to avoid dying from drowning.

Chapter 6 Death Encounter

As Jacob runs through the woods naked in his underwear to search for Emma, he will get caught in a trap where Bobby comes and frees him. After Jacob gets released, use the opportunity to smear dirt on Bobby’s face and escape. As Jacob finds Emma after that, a werewolf appears to attack them.

From there, keep running until Jacob arrives in a field full of bear traps, and, unfortunately, he will get stuck in one of them. From here on, you cannot do much to help him. All you can do is wait till Bobby comes and carries Jacob to an electric cage.

Chapter 8 Death Encounter

As Jacob gets stuck inside the cage, wait until Ryan and Laura show up to save him. The duty to protect Jacob is now on Ryan as he has to make sure he pulls the correct switches on the box on the wall to open Jacob’s cage but not Nick, the werewolf. To do this perfectly, remember to complete the puzzle described below.

Ryan has to pull the buttons correctly, or else Jacob dies. Firstly, switch one, then switch two, and then switch two and three. This order will turn off the electricity, unlock the main gate and open the door to Jacob’s cage. As the switches get pulled in the correct order, Jacob can get out safely from the cell. To save Jacob, this was the last death encounter he could get into, and if you have made it this far, he will stay alive for the rest of the game.

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