Diablo Immortal Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Walkthrough

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Here is a complete walkthrough of the Tomb of Fahir Dungeon.

Diablo Immortal will let you go on adventures inside the game, which will range from going to dungeons, beating bosses, and just exploring the world. Of the many dungeons in Diablo Immortal, Tomb of Fahir is the third dungeon in the game. Exploring Tombs and Dungeons in any game can be dangerous before knowing what is coming ahead. So, below we have made a complete walkthrough of the Tomb of Fahir Dungeon.

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Tomb Of Fahir Dungeon Walkthrough

To enter this dungeon, first, be at least level 28 and complete the quest of Tabri in the Shassar Sea zone’s questline. As you complete Tabri’s request, she will order Peth to reveal the path to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Then, going through there, you can find the dungeon near Sereth Outpost Waypoint.

Moreover, to complete this dungeon and get your rewards, you will have to defeat four different bosses. Below we have listed all the bosses, how to defeat them, and what are the rewards you will get after completing the dungeon.

Diablo Immortal how To Defeat All Tomb of Fahir Bosses

As with the other dungeons, you will encounter several bosses here. There are a total of 4 bosses you will have to defeat inside this dungeon. These bosses include Icon of Rebirth, Icon of Souls, King Fahir, and Segethis The Cluster Flesh. Each boss is different from the other, and you will need to devise different tactics to defeat each. Check out the complete breakdown below:

How to Defeat Icon of Rebirth and Icon of Souls

The first two mini-bosses are Icon of Rebirth and Icon of Souls. You can find them on the right and left sides of the map. Remember to use will discover AoEs attacks (Area of Effect) are very useful while fighting these bosses.

The Icon of Rebirth calls upon Lacuni Slasher, Lacuni Huntress, and Hollow One, while the Icon of Souls summons Spiderling, Toxic Lurker, Broodmother, Skeletal Archer, and Skeletal Warrior. Furthermore, the projects a blue laser beam after slamming his staff on the ground, which you can avoid by running around.

Whenever they spawn melee minions, kite them to the boss and concentrate your AoEs on both the boss and the minions to deal with them together. You can defeat them fairly easily with proper handling.

Diablo-Immortal Tomb of Fahir Walkthrough
Credit- Blizzard Entertainment

How To Defeat King Fahir

After defeating the mini-bosses, you move towards the dungeon’s inner chamber to take on King Fahir. The strategy you should follow against King Fahir is to tank the knockback attacks. You must stand in front of the pillar to tank the damage. That will cause damage to you, but you can use that as an opportunity to deal even more damage to the boss.

To replenish health, keep some heals readily on hand. Throughout the fight, you will also see mummies with a greenish glow spawning, be sure to avoid these as these mummies explode after a while. If you see him slam his staff on the ground multiple times, be ready, as this means he is about to throw bombs at you, so keep moving and avoid them.

Lastly, when his health is low, he will use an attack where a large telegraphed circle appears around King Fahir. Avoid getting caught in that circle as he is about to pull the players close to him and deal massive knockback damage.

How to Defeat Segethis The Cluster Flesh

After you defeat King Fahir, head on to the elevator up front, you may find a few minor enemies spawning in front. You can beat them easily. A Tomb Borer will then appear and start generating more monsters. As soon as you see that happening, kill the Tomb Borer first, which will prevent more monsters from spawning and make things easier for you.

You will get poisoned if you get hit by these. Move out of the way if he makes a swipe attack, as that can significantly damage you. Lastly, the fight against Segethis the Clusterflesh will start. Be sure to stay on the move and dodge the venom orbs it spits out.

If Segithis creates a circle around a player, get ready to run. You have about 1 second before the circle gets completed, and if you get caught in it, Segithis will web you up and pull you in close to deal significant damage. Keep attacking the back legs until the head lowers, allowing you to deal maximum damage and win the fight.

Diablo Immortal Tomb of Fahir Loot

  • Mountebank’s Bravado(waist) Hell 1
  • Exemplar’s Urge(waist) Hell 1
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster(gloves) hell 1
  • Storm-Tack of Shal’baas(waist) Hell 1
  • Whipcrack(waist) Hell 1
  • Braided Serpent of Shal’baas(Ring) Hell 2
  • Issatar Undone(ring) Hell 2
  • Mountebank’s Flourish(amulet) Hell 2
  • Open Gut(waist) Hell 2
  • The Tyrant(boots) Hell 2

Once done with the dungeon, you will receive the items mentioned above per the difficulty level set. You will complete this dungeon as part of the questline, but you can also play the dungeon later on at a higher difficulty level to increase the challenge and get better rewards.

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