The Mayor of Stockholm urges the Swedish government to reconsider the cancellation of the CSGO Major

Anna König Jerlmyr, the current mayor of Stockholm pleads with the Swedish government to reenact the CSGO Major that was supposed to be held in AVICII Arena.

The Swedish esports scene has seen its fair share of problems recently as some of the major esports tournaments have been canceled from taking place within the country due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Valve Dota 2’s The International was the first in line to receive the cancellation notice from the Swedish government. The International which is the biggest Dota 2 tournament won’t be eligible to take place within the country as Swedish Sports Federation voted not to accept esports into the sports federation

Now, in 2021, CSGO’s first Major tournament since the online era hasn’t been approved by the government to take part in the Avicii Area where it was supposed to be held. Unsurprisingly, the Swedish esports community has voiced their concern regarding the situation and how it may damage the esports ecosystem in the future.

Mayor pleads to save Swedish Esports

Among them, tournament organizers, pro players, and team owners were really vocal about the cancellation of the upcoming CSGO Major. Even the Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr wrote an open letter to the appropriate government officials to reconsider the cancellation of the tournament.

According to the Mayor of Stockholm, the vaccination is moving forward at a fast pace with over 70 percent vaccinated in Sweden. All indicators are that the entry rules will be eased in early autumn, according to plan and on time.

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And canceling such a big event will alienate the passionate CSGO community from experiencing the vibrant culture and beauty of Stockholm, Sweden. The government of Sweden has not made any official response regarding the issue, as of writing. We’ll update this article whenever the Swedish government decides to make a public statement.

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