TFT Pride 2024 Event Missions and Rewards

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The TFT Pride 2024 event is starting on patch 14.11.

Pride month is just around the corner and like every year, Riot is celebrating the month with in-game events across all of its titles. In League of Legends, players will be able to get the United emote featuring Twisted Fate and Neeko and some returning emotes for 1BE.

Similarly, TFT players will also get the High Five emote featuring Pengu and Poptail along with free Start Shards and Fireworks. Moreover, Pride Booms also return with this event. For mobile-only players, you will now be able to get the Pride trail effect by equipping the respective Pride Booms.

TFT Pride 2024 Event

Start and End Dates

Similar to League of Legends, the TFT Pride 2024 event also starts on patch 14.11, May 30, 2024. As per Riot, this event will only last for one patch and end on June 11.

Missions and Rewards

There are three missions for this year’s Pride event in TFT. And just by playing one TFT game, you will get the High Five emote for free.

Tacticians Stand UnitedPlay 1 match of TFTHigh Five emote
Cheer SquadEquip the (New) High Five emote and use an emote in a match– 25 Star Shards
– Fireworks – Mint Boom
– Fireworks – Rose Quarts Boom
– Fireworks – Sapphire Boom
– Fireworks – Catseye Boom
– Fireworks – Obsidian Boom
– Fireworks – Tanzanite Boom
– Fireworks – Citrine Boom
– Fireworks – Rainbow Boom
Show Your ColorsEquip a “Fireworks” boom and play a match of TFT25 Star Shards & Dip Emote
High Five emote
High Five emote

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