Riot Unveils New Teamfight Tactics Set 11 – Inkborn Fables

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In the latest dev update, Riot has revealed the new Teamfight Tactics Set, Inkborn Fables.

Teamfight Tactics has massively grown as a team and put out some excellent sets to explore. The past Set, Remix Rumble, had a lot of interesting aspects that everyone got behind. Headliners and the tempo style of gameplay really got players invested in the Set.

The sheer variety made players analyze the game and figure out the best way to play TFT. With more balance changes and such, Remix Rumble definitely had a lot of nice content and style to play with.

Looking to the future, Set 11 is coming soon as Riot has now unveiled Set 11, Inkborn Fables. Here is what we know so far.

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Teamfight Tactics Set 11 – Inkborn Fables

With a new Set coming, Riot always has a theme and marquee mechanic that defines the gameplay. This time around, Riot is doing that with something called Encounters.

Mechanic: Encounters

In Set 11, players will encounter Legendary beings at certain points during the game. These encounters can have minimal effect or potentially game-defining. While Riot has said that there will be over 70 different Encounters in the game, only a handful were revealed in the dev update. They are as follows.

  • Cho’Gath Encounter: Feed the Beast by permanently sacrificing a shop slot, gaining rewards, or keeping your shop slot and getting nothing.
  • Illaoi Encounter: This encounter will grant a player some free rerolls.
  • Kayn Encounter: The first time Kayn appears, he announces his return at a future stage. When he returns, he basically kills all Tacticians and ends the game.
  • Sett Encounter: Sett and Tacticians will get bigger but they have no gameplay effect.
  • Tahm Kench Encounter: Triggers a Fishing Mini-Game where you collect fish for the River King. More Fish means more loot for everyone. The Fishing Mini-Game is standing in puddles and collecting fish. It’s really simple.

Riot has said that all encounters will affect players equally and will appear in different ways. It could be a single player (like the Cho’Gath one), or everyone (like the Kayn one). Also, the more game-defining the encounter, the rarer they are. Let’s move on to all we know about Traits and Champions so far.


All Sets have unique Traits. This Set is no different as we will get a few. Here are the ones Riot has revealed.


This trait is exclusive to Hwei, as Artist allows him to creates duplicates in the bench. Pretty cool.


This trait is not unique to champions but it will be allocated to a new number of champions every game. Hence, this set is about adapting on the fly. Exalted will buff the champions with the trait and players adjacent to a unit with the trait. Flexibility is the name of the game for the Exalted.


This trait will allow you to bond units together to make them stronger. These


Riot is returning Fortune to TFT but it will be different. This set will also feature a new Unit from the Runeterra universe that will be a Tank Yordle. These are the units that will be in Fortune.

  • Tank Yordle (1 cost)


This is an unique trait for Xayah and Rakan. They both cost 5 and you get both. However, depending on the placement, you use either Xayah or Rakan. Both characters have unique abilities that will offer support to the other.


The Mythic trait will grant Mythic Units a bunch of stats. After 4 Combats, the stat increase is doubled. So far, these are the units we know of that will be in the Mythic Trait.

  • Hwei (5 – Cost)


With this trait, Units that have Storyweaver allow you to create a Summon in the form of Kayle. Different breakpoints will grant more power, improve spells, and more. Here are the champions we know of that will have Storyweaver.

  • Irelia (5-cost)


While we do not have info about all the champions in this Set, there are some neat ones. Riot has made a new version of Irelia for TFT while Kobuko, the Tank Yordle, is the new character as well. There will be a lot more about these Units soon. Stay tuned as Riot reveals them and we cover what is coming soon.

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