Team BDS Buys Schalke 04’s LEC Spot

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Team BDS has acquired Schalke 04’s spot in the LEC from 2022 and onwards, here is what we know about it

S04 was reported to be in financial crisis for a substantial amount of time. This stemmed from the pandemic and their football team performing poorly. As the Summer Split was starting, news came out that S04 was selling the team due to financial issues. That endeavor is now complete as Team BDS is buying the slot for the LEC. Let’s dive into the transaction.

Schalke’s Crisis

Schalke’s financial issues took a hit for the reasons we listed above and that their football team got relegated in the Bundesliga. Coupled with Pandemic financial losses, the organization was struggling with money. Spring Split was a success for them in the LEC considering their playoff performances. However, that was short-lived

With the financial problems looming, Schalke has to sell their best player Abbedagge to 100 Thieves for some cash relief. They also put together a roster they could field in such a situation. During this split, the conversations for the sale were ongoing and Team BDS was at the forefront of the conversation. Thus, Team BDS was able to acquire the spot from Schalke and will be one of the teams in LEC 2022.

Who is Team BDS?

Team BDS is an organization that originated in Geneva, Switzerland. They are relatively new in the esports scene but have good financial backing and have put themselves into a strong position. Team BDS started off with a Rainbow Six Siege team and then branched out to other esports such as Fortnite, FIFA, Rocket League, Trackmania, Valorant, and League of Legends. They currently have a spot in the LFL in Europe and have performed decently. Now they move to the biggest league in Europe in the LEC and changes are on the horizon.

What will happen to the LEC team?

This year, the team is set to stay intact based on Schalke’s Twitter post. They are going to be performing and showing what they are made of. As for anything beyond this year, a lot of it is uncertain. The coaching staff has done a good job with the team and some of the players on the roster have played really well. However, it would not surprise us if Team BDS came in and shook things up.

It has been a wild ride with Schalke with their rise in the LEC and the miracle run last year. However, sometimes things come to an end and Schalke’s presence in the LEC is at its end. Team BDS will hope to make a mark when they get into the LEC like many of the newer franchises have done in the LEC. We will have to see that when Team BDS takes charge.

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