Taiwan Police Reportedly Arrested Twitch Streamer Jinnytty’s Stalker and Put him in Mental Hospital

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Jinnytty Twitch

According to Twitch streamer Jinnytty, her recent hooded stalker was arrested by police and put in a mental hospital.

Yoo Yoonjin, more commonly known online as Jinnytty, is a popular South Korean Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She is famous for her IRL streams on Twitch. Jinny started her streaming career back in 2017 and has massively increased her popularity.

Jinny liked to play Hearthstone and watch pro players play games back in the day. After becoming popular and gaining impressive followers, she started to incorporate high interactivity and IRL content into her streams. At the end of 2019, Jinny moved to the USA and changed her target audience to European and American audiences. Jinny also stayed at the home of another popular streamer, Esfand, and frequently did collaboration streams.

Jinnytty’s past Livestream has not been without incidents, as she was robbed twice during her South America IRL streams. She also had an incident where she ended up falling into a pit at night and injuring her leg during Stream.

Recently, things got a bit scary for Jinnytty as she was in Taiwan Livestreaming and noticed someone in a hood following her for more than 4 hours. She then contacted the police and told them to ask the person to stop following her. She apparently also received a police escort to her residence after the incident.

Now we have some reports regarding the Jinnytty stalker situation, and apparently, the stalker has been arrested by police and put in a mental hospital.

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Jinnytty’s Masked Hooded Stalker Reportedly Arrested

It all started on April 25, when Jinnytty was Livestreaming IRL content in Taiwan. When she noticed someone following her. The masked hooded individual ended up following Jinny for more than 4 hours. Jinny went to the cops and told them that someone was following her. He also asked them to tell him to stop following her.

In the video below, we can hear her say, “Yeah, over there. But can you tell him to stop following me? Thank You, Thank You.”

She then apparently received a police escort to her home. During her next stream, she gave us all an update on the situation. Someone in Jinnytty’s Twitch chat asked her about any update on the stalker. Jinny said,

“Oh yes, yes, yes. There was news. Apparently, he had some like, Police said he got aggressive when police officers were investigating him. But, he went to the hospital, it was on TV news. He got institutionalized. I think he had like a little bit of a mental problem. That’s what the news and police officer said. So, he’s gonna get all the help he needs at the hospital.”

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