Symbiote Surge Explained: Spiderman 2

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is everything you need to know about Symbiote Surge in Spiderman 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is undoubtedly the biggest Spiderman game to date, with a lot of content and gameplay elements for the players. The game has introduced a lot of new elements to the Spiderman game series. The combat system of the game got even better with the introduction of many enjoyable combat mechanisms. As a part of the combat mechanism, Insomniac Games have also added a lot of new abilities to the game.

At a certain point in the main storyline of Spiderman 2, Peter will become the Black Spiderman. The Symbiote Spiderman is more awesome than ever with the introduction of many new features to this suit. One of the most symbiotic abilities that you will be using in this game is the symbiotic surge. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about the symbiote surge in Spider-Man 2.

Before you continue with this article, please note that it might contain major spoilers for you if you haven’t finished the game yet.

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How to Unlock Symbiote Surge in Spiderman 2

After finding out Dr Connors, Peter and Harry will engage in a fight with the Hunter’s boss, Kraven. In a shocking turn of events, Kraven then puts a knife through Peter and eventually kills him. However, Harry’s Symbiote Suit will then get transferred to Peter, bringing him back to life as a new Spiderman. From this point onwards, Peter will become the Symbiote Spiderman with all the Symbiote abilities, including the Symbiote Surge.

How to Use Symbiote Surge in Spiderman 2

You can only use Symbiote Surge when you have already unlocked and are wearing the Symbiote Suit. While in the form of the Black Spiderman, press L3+R3 to perform the Symbiote Surge. Although, in this case, you must have the symbiote gauge completely filled. The Symbiote Surge is a really useful ability of Peter in taking down strong enemies and bosses.

The symbiote surge is a really useful ability to use against strong enemies. It is also a very crucial ability to defeat bosses in different boss fights. However, using this ability will take up some of your energy from the symbiote gauge. So keep an eye on your gauge while performing this ability to swiftly defeat enemies.

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