Top 5 Best Abilities for Peter Parker: Spider-Man 2

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you’re like me, you’re already swinging into action as Peter Parker in the hugely anticipated game Spider-Man 2. That’s why you need to know about these 5 best abilities for Peter in Spider-Man 2 to experience even more action.

Peter Parker is widely recognized as one of the most recognizable and cherished superheroes of all time. I was eager to step into the shoes of Peter Parker before Spider-Man 2 was released.

Now, after playing with him for a while, I have to say, Insomniac Games gave us the best friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The most intrigued part of me playing with Peter was his abilities.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the best abilities for Peter in Spider-Man 2, based on how I like to play with him. These are the skills you’ll want to unlock first when playing as Peter. Without further ado, let’s clobber criminals and protect New York City with the best abilities for Peter in Spider-Man 2.

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Top 5 Best Abilities for Peter in Spider-Man 2

5. Anti-Venom Punch

Anti-Venom Punch (Peter) in Spider-Man 2

There’s no doubt that Anti-Venom Punch packs a wallop against lone, formidable foes or bosses. You can send an enemy reeling back with this powerful tentacle punch. It’s the perfect way to take care of priority threats quickly.

4. Anti-Venom Yank

Anti-Venom Yank (Peter) in Spider-Man 2

For grabbing distant enemies and eliminating threats from afar, the Anti-Venom Yank is the perfect tool. It allows Peter to ensnare multiple foes with his tentacles before forcefully yanking them in and slamming them to the ground. You can close gaps quickly or isolate dangerous targets with this ability.

3. Spider Barrage

Spider Barrage (Peter) in Spider-Man 2

An underrated ability that shines in one-on-one boss battles is Spider Barrage. With this ability, you can pummel a single target with a series of rapid Spider Arm strikes. You can use it to chip away at a tough enemy’s health and add more damage during combos. Unlock Spider Barrage early to give Peter an edge in duels.

2. Anti-Venom Tempest

Anti-Venom Tempest (Peter) in Spider-Man 2

Next is Anti-Venom Tempest, which enables Peter to unleash a flurry of damaging tentacles that lift all nearby foes helplessly into the air. You can then easily pick off these airborne enemies while they’re vulnerable. There are few abilities in the game that combine high damage with excellent crowd control. So this is a must-have ability.

1. Anti-Venom Blast

Anti-Venom Blast (Peter) in Spider-Man 2

Lastly, Anti-Venom Blast is surely one of the most powerful abilities Peter will have access to in Spider-Man 2. The attack sends out volleys of symbiote spikes in all directions to damage and push back groups of enemies. It will be extremely useful for crowd control when you find yourself surrounded. Put this ability at the top of your priority list.

There you have it – my top picks for Peters’ abilities in Spider-Man 2. In summary, abilities like Anti-Venom Blast, Anti-Venom Tempest, Spider Barrage, Anti-Venom Yank, and Anti-Venom Punch should be at the top of your list when upgrading Peter’s abilities. Equip these first to turn Peter Parker into a combat powerhouse.

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