SwordArt signs 6 million dollar deal over two years with TSM

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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SwordArt, part of Suning’s Worlds 2020 finals team, is joining the LCS on a record-breaking deal with TSM.

About a day after the announcement of Doublelift’s retirement comes the addition of a decorated support to TSM. SwordArt is one of the best supports last year, making an appearance in the finals of Worlds 2020 with Suning. As the offseason started, there were rumors of SwordArt signing with TSM and now it’s confirmed.

Even though primarily it was a confirmed rumor, it was mired with a lot of issues. Reportedly, there were financial and visa laws that had to be dealt with given he is a player from Taiwan originally.

That being said, it was almost ruled out as an option when TSM started targeting Palette from the VCS of Team Flash. That deal did not go through as Palette announced he was remaining in the VCS. With many rumors circulating that Doublelift was not going to play with an import support was prevalent.

Yesterday, Doublelift announced his retirement which for most meant the regression of TSM since Bjergsen has also retired. However, today the announcement of SwordArt signing has been posted on the official twitter page of TSM.

The deal is reportedly 6 million dollars over two years which makes him the highest payed player in the LCS. TSM also signed PowerOfEvil and Huni in hopes to create success in the regional and international stage. Whether they will be able to is yet to be seen.

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