How to Survive Cold and Warm Weather in Palworld

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Here is how to survive cold and warm weather in Palworld.

While exploring the world of Palpagos Island in Palword, the wild pals are not the only threat to you. Several other threats are present in the world that need to be taken care of to survive and progress in the game.

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The weather damage is an obstacle that can be incredibly challenging for players who have just started or are still in the game’s early stages. As the night falls in Palworld, the temperature gets cold, and the players will start losing their health. Some steps must be taken to survive the cold and warm weather in Palworld. This guide will show you how to survive cold and warm weather in Palworld.

How to Survive Cold in Palworld

how to survive cold palworld

One of the early challenges you will face in Palworld is keeping yourself warm. The temperature across the biome falls as the night falls, and this can be deadly if you are not prepared to protect yourself. The best way to stay warm during the cold is to build a fire.

You can create a fire to keep yourself warm by crafting a torch at the very beginning and a campfire, which can be unlocked after you reach Technology Level 2. You will need x2 wood and x2 stone to craft a torch and x10 wood to craft a campfire.

As you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock the Cloth outfit at Technology Level 4. You will need x2 Cloth to craft a Cloth outfit. The cloth outfit is the permanent solution to keeping yourself warm.

However, when you reach the Ice-biome, your normal Cloth outfit won’t be enough to keep you warm. You will then need to craft a Tundra Outfit to keep yourself warm, which can be unlocked at Technology Level 9 and requires x3 Cloth and x2 Ice Organ to be crafted. You can prepare Cloth using wool and get Ice organs from Ice-type Pals.

How to Survive Warm Weather

If you travel across the desert biome, you will start to get warm and eventually lose your health. While moving through the desert, you must craft a Tropical Outfit, which unlocks at Technology Level 9 and requires x3 Cloth and x2 Fire Organs to be crafted. The fire organs can be obtained from fire-type pals like Foxparks or Rooby.

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