Streamside Stash Key & Containers Locations: Alan Wake 2

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Here are the Streamside Stash Key and Containers Locations in Alan Wake 2.

As you investigate the Cult of the Tree, you will come across several Cult Stash keys around the map in Alan Wake 2. These Cult Stash will provide you with several rewards that can be helpful in solving the mysteries related to the cult that you will be investigating as Saga.

Streamside Stash is one such stash that you will have to open to get the rewards inside it. However, you will need a key to unlock it. This key can be a bit tricky to locate since it’s hidden on the map. In this guide, we will help you to find the Stash Key and Containers Locations in Alan Wake 2.

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Streamside Stash Key & Containers Locations

streamside stash container location

Though finding the Streamside Stash Key can seem challenging, it is actually pretty easy. You won’t have to solve anything, rather the signs will lead you towards the key. You just have to find the signs and illuminate them with your flashlight.

The Streamside Stash is in the Crow’s Foot Hills in Cauldron Lake. On the north side of Crow’s Foot Hills, there is a campsite. Once you have reached the camp, turn on your flashlight. Point the flashlight around you, and you will find some yellow signs on the trees. The signs will not be visible until you put your flashlight on them.

Keep following the yellow signs and keep going the path as marked on the trees. The arrow signs will lead you to the key location, which is atop a rock. A similar yellow sign will point downwards towards the location of the streamside stash key.

Collect the key, and now head back to the container. Unlock the container’s padlock to get the Hand Flare, Shotgun Ammo, and Trauma Pad. These rewards can be very helpful during your adventure through the game. While investigating, these rewards can come in handy, especially during the early stage of the game.

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