Stray: How To Get The Worker Hat & Jacket

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A new adventure means a new kind of fun. So here is another thrilling quest of finding The Worker Hat and Jacket to complete quests in Stray. This guide will show you the fastest ways possible!

In Stray, you play as a feline attempting to find its family by completing all of the objectives in the world. Players will experience the never-ending adventure of the sci-fi universe and the lonely cat in the game. Moreover, the game has various locations, such as Midtown, Antvillage, The Slums, etc.

There is also a Factory in Midtown where everything gets serious. You will need to complete a series of quests to advance your gameplay. In Midtown, players will meet two new NPCs; Clementine and Blazer.

Your task will be to get Blazer in the Factory with you, but first, you must find The Worker Hat and Jacket for him to sneak in. There is some easiest and quickest path to do so.

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How To Get The Worker Hat

To get the Worker Hat, you may follow the steps below:

Meet The Angry Worker Robot

First, to get the Worker Hat, meet the angry robot. He will tell you why he is angry about Hats, and you will find a way to get the Worker Hat.

worker hat stray

Remember that you will need to distract the robots from getting that Hat.

Find The Passed Out Robot

Stray: How to Get the Worker Hat & Jacket

After meeting the angry robot, go to the Mainstreet and find the passed-out robot. Wake him up by knocking down some bottles from the shelf on him.


Follow the lazy robot who was passed out seconds ago. And he will be your carrier to get into the Hat shop.

Jump In & Jump Out

worker hat stray

Jump in the box while the lazy robot starts working. Then, the robot will carry you in the box to the shop without knowing!

After you get inside the Hat shop, jump out of the box, and grab The Worker Hat. You will find it on display.

Stray: How to Get the Worker Hat & Jacket

How To Get The Worker Jacket

To get the Worker Jacket, you may follow the steps below:

Get the Cassette From Simon

You will need this item to get the Jacket later. Talk to another NPC named Simon and earn the Tape.

worker hat stray

Visit The Clothing Shop

You will find the Clothing Shop in the Main Square, where you will get the Worker Jacket.

Stray: How to Get the Worker Hat & Jacket

Distract The Cassette Tape

You will also need to distract the worker here, just like in the Hat incident. The robot worker does not like noisy music, so this would be a great opportunity to lure him out of the shop.

worker hat stray

Play the Cassette Tape at high volume, and he will go out of the shop into the Backroom where the music is being played and follow the music to stop it. You must be very careful.

Use The Opportunity

After the worker goes away, you must use this opportunity to sneak back into the shop, grab the Worker Jacket, and get out of that shop.

Stray: How to Get the Worker Hat & Jacket

After you get both the Worker Hat and Jacket, hand in these to Blazer to get him into the Factory.

worker hat stray

Follow these easy steps to complete the challenge! Best of luck!!

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