Start and End Dates for all Apex Legends Seasons

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Are you looking for the exact start and end dates for all the Seasons in Apex Legends from Season 1 to Season 15? We got you covered.

Respawn made a surprise entry into the Battle Royale genre with the release of Apex Legends on February 4, 2019. There was no marketing, notice, or ETA prior to the game’s release. As a result, no one was aware of Apex Legends or its potential beforehand.

However, this approach worked for Respawn like a charm. The diverse roster of Legends and their unique abilities made the game more fun to play, and everyone, including competitive and casual gamers alike, embraced the game wholeheartedly.

Currently, Apex Legends has more than 130 million players throughout the world. Additionally, More and more players are joining the game every year. The game has evolved a lot since its release, thanks to the constant updates it receives each season.

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What is Apex Legends Season? How Does it Work?

Like most other online games, Apex Legends also receives tons of new content and meta-changing updates after a specific time period. Without the latest content and meta changes, the game would’ve remained dull, and nobody would enjoy it as people do today.

what is season in apex
Credit: EA

Therefore, Apex Legends’ seasons represent the intervals during which Respawn adds new content to the game. The content usually includes a new Battle Pass, game-balance changes, cosmetic items, and a Legend. Sometimes, the seasons introduce new features, map changes, and weapons.

Usually, each season in Apex Legends lasts for about three months. Additionally, every season has its own codename. For example, Apex Legends Season 15 is called Eclipse. And in three months, the game also receives an Heirloom, a Prestige skin, Collection and Thematic Event, Limited Time Game Modes, and more.

How Many Seasons are in Apex Legends?

There are 15 seasons in Apex Legends at the moment. The most recent season, called Eclipse, debuted on November 1, 2022. The latest legend called Catalyst and the new Broken Moon map both entered the game in Season 15.

Start and End Dates for all Apex Legends Seasons

Now, we’ll list all the seasons in Apex Legends in chronological order, along with their respective codenames. Additionally, we’ll also include the time frame of the pre-season that took place before Season 1 became live.

SeasonCodenameStart DateEnd Date
Pre-seasonN/AFebruary 4, 2019March 19, 2019
Season 1Wild FrontierMarch 19, 2019June 18, 2019
Season 2Battle ChargeJuly 2, 2019October 1, 2019
Season 3MeltdownOctober 1, 2019February 4, 2020
Season 4AssimilationFebruary 4, 2020May 12, 2020
Season 5Fortune’s FavorMay 12, 2020August 18, 2020
Season 6BoostedAugust 18, 2020November 4, 2020
Season 7AscensionNovember 4, 2020February 2, 2021
Season 8MayhemFebruary 2, 2021May 4, 2021
Season 9LegacyMay 4, 2021August 3, 2021
Season 10EmergenceAugust 3, 2021November 2, 2021
Season 11EscapeNovember 2, 2021February 8, 2022
Season 12DefianceFebruary 8, 2022May 10, 2022
Season 13SaviorsMay 10, 2022August 9, 2022
Season 14HuntedAugust 9, 2022November 1, 2022
Season 15EclipseNovember 1, 2022TBD

There you go! Now you know everything there is to know about Apex Legends seasons and their exact starting and ending dates. We hope this article was helpful. For more guides, leaks, tips, and tricks, visit our Apex Legends section.

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