Starfield: How to Fix Can’t Track Power From Beyond

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Fix the tracking issue and locate all temples in Power From Beyond in Starfield.

For a big-scale open-world game like Starfield, it is a given that it will have some bugs. It is common for open-world games to have bugs right after their official release. One such major bug in Starfield is the tracking problem in the Power From Beyond quest. This Constellation quest requires players to locate artifact anomalies from different planets throughout the Settled systems. Players are tasked to acquire specific powers from temples on those planets to finish this quest.

The locations for these power-harbouring temples are provided by Vladimir Sall. However, some players are facing a bug where Vladimir fails to deliver these locations. Also, the main quest disappears from the quest log after the glitch happens. So, without markers on the Starmap, players are unable to locate the next temples and progress through this mission. So, this guide will help you fix Can’t Track Power From Beyond bug in Starfield.

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How to Fix Can’t Track Power From Beyond in Starfield

While the Developers still have not made any official announcement about the bug, players online have started to figure out some quick fixes. 

Starfield: How to fix can't track power from behind
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Look manually for the next Marker

While it may be time-consuming, you could look for the marker manually. Try going to the systems you have visited before. This seems odd for some players.

Plot your course to Altair I

As the temple spawns are random for each player, it is hard to determine on which planet it will spawn the next time. But for some players going to Altair I has worked. After opening the Starmap, plot your course for Altair I, and then after reaching there, the marker should pop up.

Use Chart Course

Another fix is by Chart Course. Press the Missions button in the Starmap. After going to the Missions menu, select Chart Course. After going to the planet, do not make a land zone; then, choose a landing site you didn’t create. This should access you to the next temple.

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