Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Jedi Chamber Locations

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has quite a few hidden Jedi chambers for you to find. Here are all the locations you can find in the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivors is the sequel to the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This game takes the base from its previous one and builds upon it. You will be visiting a lot of new locations. Some of these planets are even larger than two of the planets combined from the previous game. So it is safe to say you will also find plenty of things to do there.

One of the new addition to the game is the Jedi Chambers. It works like a mini-dungeon where you will have to engage in various types of puzzles to finally reach the end and get the reward. There are quite a few of them sprinkled throughout the map of Koboh. Here are all the Jedi Chamber Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors.

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All Jedi Chamber Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

There are a total of seven different Jedi Chambers you can find in the game. All of them are placed around Koboh. The first one you will unlock as a part of the main quest. But for the rest, you will need to go around the map and search. Some of them are really well hidden. So here are all seven Jedi Chamber locations in the game.

1. Chamber of Duality

This is the first Chamber you will come across during your time with the game. The Chamber of Diality is part of the main story quest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. When you arrive at Koboh, Greez will ask you to investigate the Smuggler’s Tunnels. It is during this quest you will find the very first hidden Jedi Chamber of the game.

2. Chamber of Clarity

This Chamber is found in the Untamed Dawns section of Koboh. Here you will find a big open area with lots of animals you can use as a mount. Take one of them and use them to access the higher vines. Grab on these vines and parkour your way up the top of this section. The Chamber of Clarity will be found there.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

3. Chamber of Connection

The Chamber of Connection is located in the Viscid Bog section of the Koboh map. Fast travel to the Viscid Bog meditation point and search for the zipline. After finding the zipline, get on it and slide across until you find another zipline bottom of your current one. Jump down, grab the bottom zipline, and go from right to left.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

After that, you will land in the Bog. Move forward to find yourself an ascension cable point. Pull yourself up using it, and the Chamber of Connection will be right before you.

4. Chamber of Fortitude

This Chamber is pretty hidden in the Southern Rech area of the map. So first, you would want to fast travel to the southern reach meditation point. From there, take a mount and go up the valley using the road. Keep an eye out for the surroundings, as this is the building we are looking for.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

When you see this building, go there and climb up on top of it. There you will see a silo hatch you can open using force. Open the hatch, and you will find the Chamber of Fortitude inside the hatch.

5. Chamber of Detachment

The Chamber of Detachment is pretty easy to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. All you have to do is fast-travel to Mountain Ascent Meditation Point. There if you look around, you will see this waterfall. The Chamber is inside this waterfall.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

6. Chamber of Reason

The Chamber of Reason is another easy one to find. It is visible from a distance, but you will have to do some running and parkour to get there. This Chamber is located in the Basalt Rift section of the map. From Basalt Rift mediation, run forward until you reach this broken bridge. Then jump across the bridge and use your force power to grab the rope. Swing across using the rope to find yourself in front of the Chamber.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

7. Chamber Of Ambidexterity

The final Chamber on this list is located in the Devastated settlement area. Use one flying mount to reach the nearest laser contraption from the mediation point. Then align the laser like the picture.

Credit: Respawn entertainment

Now use the bird again to reach the place you have aligned your laser. There you will find an entrance. But after going inside the entrance, the path will be blocked. This is where you will have to use BD-1’s ability. User his ability to carry the laser’s energy to the objects blocking your path. This will clear the way, and you can reach the Chamber.

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