Spirit Blossom 2022 Ward – Price, Release Date, and More

New Spirit Blossom-themed cosmetics are coming to patch 12.19, including the new Spirit Blossom 2022-themed ward skin.

Initially released in 2020, the Spirit Blossom is one of the most beloved events of League of Legends. Many players still consider it the best event the game has ever received. It was released with skins for various champions, a limited-time gamemode Nexus Blitz, and the first ever visual novel-style side mode.

Recently Riot has revealed that Spirit Blossom will be returning as this year’s Worlds event. They will also add skins, such as a legendary skin Spirit Blossom Sett, prestige skin for Master Yi, etc. Riot will also add a Spirit Blossom 2022 Ward alongside all the skins.

Wards are one of the essential items in League of Legends. It removes the fog of war from the map and grants vision to a team. However, the team is granted vision only for a limited time and can be countered with an Oracle’s Lens.

Players can buy three types of wards: Stealth Ward, Control Ward, and Farsight Ward. And players can also equip skins to them as well. They might not be as popular as champion skin, but they are still suitable for what they are.

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Spirit Blossom 2022 Ward Skin

Spirit Blossom 2022 Ward
Image Credits: Riot Games & Julex Gameplays

The Spirit Blossom 2022 ward looks similar to one of the spirit beasts that stays with Spirit Blossom Sett.


Like all the ward skins before, Spirit Blossom 2022 ward skin will cost 640 RP.

Release Date

Spirit Blossom 2022 Ward will be released in patch 12.19, scheduled to hit live servers on Thursday, October 6, 2022, alongside the Spirit Blossom event.

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