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Here’s everything you need to know about that jaw-dropping ending in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have you embark on another thrilling adventure as chaos looms over New York City. With both Spider-Men teaming up together, you must find a way to stop the notorious villain, Venom, from corrupting the population with symbiotes.

However, he’s not the only threat the Spider-Men must overcome, as the sequel largely features other prominent villains like Kraven The Hunter. In fact, you will spend much of the main storyline chasing after Kraven and putting an end to his plans.

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Marvel’s Spiderman 2 really fleshed out the stories of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales and showcased how difficult it was for them to maintain peace and balance.

Especially for Peter who is brought to his absolute wit’s end and is forced to come to terms with his insecurities and failures. However, everything comes together right at the end to give the story a compelling and gripping ending that won’t be easy to forget.

Moreover, this goes without saying that since we’re going to discuss how things wrap up in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, you best be prepared for spoilers.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Ending Explained

Whether you just finished the game, and just want another view on the game’s ending or didn’t fully understand what happened in the end then keep on reading!

Norman Osborn Calls for the G-Serum

In the final battle of Spiderman 2, Peter is finally able to get rid of the symbiote from Harry with his anti-venom power. However, this comes at the cost of Harry’s life. But Miles manages to bring Harry back with his Chain Lightning ability for a couple of seconds. Unfortunately, Harry passes out again almost immediately.

Spiderman 2 Harry's Death
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

As Miles helps Peter put Harry onto a stretcher, Harry’s father, Norman Osborn, shows up in a helicopter. Norman blames everything on the Spidermen and shouts at them as he thinks the symbiote keeping Harry alive didn’t have to go at the cost of his own son’s life. Afterward, Norman rushes to the ambulance and goes to the hospital alongside Harry.

Spiderman 2 Harry's Death
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

The doctor informs Norman that there is little hope for his son. Although they’re somehow keeping him alive due to traces of brain activity, the chances of Harry’s condition improving are almost next to zero.

Norman becomes understandably desperate and frustrated by the news, picks up Harry’s cane, and goes into a fit of rage. The scene ends with Norman Osborn dialing a number and telling the person on the other end of the phone to get the G-Serum ready.

Spiderman 2 Harry's Death
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

Well, fans of Spiderman will know that the G-Serum is an experimental formula developed by Oscorp and was initially intended as a team to help heal people. But later on, it became the Goblin Serum, the serum that gave Norman superhuman abilities, who then later on became Spiderman’s iconic nemesis.

Spiderman 2 G Serum Norman
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

Whether Norman requested the serum for his son Harry in hopes of keeping him alive or he intends to use it for some other reason is still up for debate.

Although I doubt that Harry is going to become the main villain again in the sequel. So, my guess is that Norman is going to use the G-Serum on himself first to make sure it’s safe for his son and then ends up becoming the notorious Green Goblin.

Peter Parker Takes a Break From Being the Spiderman

In the next cutscene, Peter has established a startup for the Emily-May Foundation in their garage. He surprised Mary Jane with the news, who was visibly very happy.

Spiderman 2 Ending
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

Miles enters the scene, and Peter tries to let him know that he wants to back away from his duties as Spiderman. Miles, looking at Mary Jane and the garage, understood what Peter was trying to say and told him that he could handle the city just fine for the time being.

Spiderman 2 Ending
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

Whether this indicates that Miles will be the only Spiderman in the next game is unclear. We might see a surprise entry from Peter as Peter did promise Miles that he’ll be there if Miles ever needs him.

Norman Visits Otto Octavius

Norman, who is hell-bent on plotting revenge against Spiderman, goes to see Otto Octavius, who is now behind bars. This scene clearly indicates the sequel of Spiderman 2 as Otto concocts a final plan to get his revenge on everyone.

Spiderman 2 Ending Otto Norman
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

Although Otto still holds a massive grudge against Norman for taking away his lab in the first game, they both share a common enemy now, Spiderman.

Otto rejoices in Norman’s loss and tells him that he, too, needs to experience loss. Norman asks what he is writing, and Otto replies, “The final chapter.”

Spiderman 2 Ending Otto Final Chapter
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

This ending strongly implies that Norman and Otto will be two of the main villains in the next game, which could also be the last of the franchise. However, as with these kinds of endings, we can never say what will happen next.

Cindy Moon Makes an Appearance

The final post-credit scene in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 shows Rio preparing dinner for Miles, Hailey, and her new boyfriend Albert. Miles and Hailey share a moment before Rio arrives with his daughter, Cindy Moon.

Spiderman 2 Ending Cindy Moon
CREDIT: Insomniac Games

For those of you who don’t know, Cindy Moon is actually the superhero Silk in the Marvel comics. She was bitten by the same spider that made Peter Spiderman. Therefore, with her introduction, we can expect many more enemies like Morlan, who Cindy has a history within the comics.

All in all, the ending of Marvel’s Spiderman 2, although tied up many of the major storylines in the game, has also clued us into several things that all hint towards multiple potential plot points for the next Marvel Spiderman game. We’ll have to wait and see what exciting story the next game holds for us.

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