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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features not one, not two, but three different skill trees! Here’s everything you need to know about all unlockable skills for Peter and Miles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have you web-slinging and fighting crime across New York City as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. And although they share the same superpower, each Spider-Man has his unique charm.

So, you can expect to try out different move-sets with both protagonists to keep your gameplay from feeling repetitive. That said, the only way to dish out the new and improved move-sets in the game is to quickly level up and unlock Skill Points, which you can then use to learn new abilities.

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While most basic abilities will cost you 1 Skill Point to learn, more advanced moves may require spending 2 Skill Points to unlock. However, these moves cannot be learned randomly. So, you must first unlock the base skills to be able to move further down the Skill Tree.

Having said that, both protagonists, Peter and Miles have their own separate Skill Tree. So, you have to spend your Skill Points considerately. Luckily, the two Spider-Men also have a third, shared skill tree. So, any ability unlocked from the shared skill tree can be used by both Peter and Miles.

This guide will list every skill from all three Skill Trees in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, along with the abilities they unlock for each Spider-Man, and how to perform them.

Spider-Man 2 Skill Tree List

Below are all the skills you can unlock for Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Peter Parker Skill Tree List

Peter Parker Skill Tree List
Credit: Insomniac Games

Peter has a total of 19 Skills that are unique to his Spider-abilities.

Skill NameDescription
Spider WhiplashPress L1 + X to lift enemies up in the air. Works on Brute enemies.
Spider RushPress L1 + Triangle to propel yourself forward, damaging enemies along your path
Spider Rush: TornadoPress L1 + Triangle to propel yourself forward, damaging enemies along your path.
Spider Barrage: Express WebbingSpider Rush webs up the first three targets it hits
Spider Barrage: Heavy ImpactPress L1 + Triangle to propel yourself forward, damaging enemies along your path.
Spider ShockPress L1 + Circle to shock enemies with electrified web lines, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Spider Shock: OverloadPress L1 + Circle to shock enemies with electrified web lines, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Spider Barrage: Brute ForceSpider Shock now sends out an overloaded power surge that chains to additional enemies.
Spider Whiplash: ElectrifyingSpider Whiplash now sends out an electrified pulse that stuns enemies caught in the area of effect.
Symbiote StrikePress L1 + Triangle to strike towards enemies, gathering them up and launching them into the air
Symbiote Strike: ExtendedExtend the distance traveled and greatly increase the number of enemies that can be grabbed and launched into the air
Symbiote YankPress L1 + X to grab multiple enemies and pull them towards you
Symbiote Yank: EmpoweredIgnore the limit on the number of enemies pulled in by Symbiote Yank
Symbiote Blast: MightSymbiote Blast causes a bigger reaction and does more damage
Symbiote Punch: Symbiote SlamSymbiote Punch now sends Brutes flying back
Surge: Don’t ResistSurge meter gains are increased
Surge: Ready to GlowAbilities are fully recharged when a full Surge bar is used
Surge: Alien HarmonySurge mode lasts significantly longer
Surge: Power SpikeAbilities recharge in half the time while in Surge mode
Marve’s Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker Skill Tree List

Miles Morales Skill Tree List

Miles Morales Skill Tree List
Credit: Insomniac Games

Miles has a total of 16 Skills that are unique to his Spider-abilities.

Skill NameDescription
Venom DashPress L1 + Triangle to dash to an enemy then hurl them away with a burst of Venom.
Venom Punch: Concentrated ForceVenom Punch exerts a force in a cone from the primary target, throwing back all enemies caught in it.
Venom Dash: Double DashImmediately after performing a Venom Dash, press L1 + Triangle to follow up with a second free Venom Dash.
Venom JumpImmediately after performing a Venom Dash, press L1 + Triangle to follow-up with a second free Venom Dash.
Venom Smash: JoltTap L1 + Circle a second time during a Venom Smash to launch enemies into the air
Chain Lightning: Power OverwhelmingIncrease the amount of Chain Lightning bolts from 3 to 6.
Thunder Burst: Static BoomThunder Burst gains a second charge.
Reverse Flux: BoostIf 4 or more enemies are affected by Reverse Flux, the impact when they are pulled together generates three lightning bolts that strike additional targets.
Galvanize: Shock & AweAfter lifting an enemy with Galvanize, hold Triangle to yank the enemy down from the air, causing a damaging bioelectric blast around the landing spot.
Bio-SiphonHit Venom Stunned enemies to slightly recharge abilities
Venom CloudsVenom Abilities give off a Venom Cloud, which can heal you, recharge your abilities, and even stun enemies. Evolved Venom Clouds detonate and knock enemies down.
Critical Venom StunVenom Stunned enemies have a small chance to become Critically Stunned, making them available for a Finisher without using a Focus Bar.
Mega Venom Blast: Beacon of MightMega Venom Blast gains a large radial flash of light that blinds human enemies outside of the Damage area.
Mega Venom Blast: Self-Care Focus is filled when Mega Venom Blast is used
Mega Venom Blast: Recharge Focus is filled when Mega Venom Blast is used.
Mega Venom Blast: OverchargeMega Venom Blast meter gains are increased.
Marve’s Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Skill Tree List

Shared Skill Tree List

Shared Skill Tree List
Credit: Insomniac Games

There are 26 Skills you can unlock that can be performed by both Peter and Miles’ Spider-Man.

Skill NameDescription
Slingshot LaunchHold L2 + X while on the ground to charge a Slingshot Launch, then release to propel the hero forward in the air.
Bounce UpHold Triangle near an enemy in the air to throw them down and bounce them off the ground, extending your air Combo.
Air SwapPress Circle after an Air Attack to spring behind your enemy, allowing you to Dodge and continue your air Combo.
Leap Off BounceHold X near an enemy in the air to Leap Off the enemy and bounce them off the ground.
Web Swing ComboTap Triangle on the impact of a Swing Kick to perform a follow-up attack that lifts the enemy higher in the air.
Wall ThrashRapidly press Square while an enemy is against a wall to unleash a powerful flurry of blows.
Web WhipHold Triangle to attach a web to an enemy’s weapon, then tap R1 to disarm and whip the weapon back with force.
Web ThrowWebbed-up, electrified, or Venom-stunned enemies can be thrown by holding Triangle.
Directional YankHold Triangle, then press L2 or R2 to pull basic enemies sideways, slamming them into objects or structures.
Web Yank SlamHold Triangle then press L2 + R2 to slam the enemy into the ground.
Heavy LiftingAllows Brute enemies to be thrown when webbed up, electrified, or Venom Stunned. Also allows Directional Web Yanks to pull Brutes around.
Web Line Double TakedownPerch Takedowns from a Web Line can now pick up two enemies at once.
Loop De LoopWhile diving, continue holding L2 to perform a super-kinetic loop maneuver and generate a boost of speed.
Corner TetherWhile swinging, hold Circle and Left Stick in the direction of a building to quickly sling around the corner.
Spider-JumpPress L1 + X to perform a Spider-Jump while swinging or gliding.
Spider-DashPress L1 + Triangle to perform a Spider-Dash while swinging or gliding
Aerial EscapadesSpider-Jump and Spider-Dash are partially charged when performing air tricks, point launches, using wind tunnels, corner tethering, and diving.
Combo ResupplyAdds a chance for a free gadget shot at the end of a 4-hit melee Combo.
Perfect Dodge RechargeAbilities are partially recharged after performing a Perfect Dodge
KO RechargeAbilities are partially recharged when performing KO’s, Finishers, and Stealth Takedowns.
Parry DisarmSuccessfully Parrying a light enemy’s attack causes them to drop any weapons they are holding.
Parry: Web BlastWebbing up an enemy that has been Parried will add flyback to the webbed up reaction
AmpedSuccessfully Parrying an enemy attack grants additional Focus.
Gadget ResupplyResupplies one gadget shot after performing a Finisher.
Fired UpHigher Combo count increases Focus gain rate.
Ultimate AssistIncreases rate gain for Symbiote Surge and Mega Venom Blast meter.
Marve’s Spider-Man 2 Shared Skill Tree List

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