South Korea And Vietnam Advance To Knockouts Stage In LoL Asian Games 2022

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After Day 1 of the Asian Games 2022 of League of Legends, South Korea and Vietnam advanced to the knockout stage.

The Asian Games 2022 are underway as the League of Legends tournament has started. This is great, considering it is a precursor to Worlds 2023. With that said, it is a tournament where Asian teams get to represent their country and win a trophy for national glory.

All the teams have sent their representatives, with all the teams stacked with talent. Out of all those teams, 11 are in the Groups stage while the rest of the 4 teams are in the Knockouts Stage. China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and India await their opponents after they won their respective Road to Asian Games bouts.

So, the Asian Games started their Group A and B matches, where South Korea and Vietnam won their respective groups. Here is how they won their groups and who they will face next.

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South Korea and Vietnam Win Their Groups

Group A and Group B had their matches today, as we mentioned earlier. Both South Korea and Vietnam dominated their group with relative ease. Both of them had excellent games, with two of them being at record times. Overall, it’s a good look for two countries that are loaded with talent and compete at the highest level.

South Korea took care of Hong Kong and Kazakhstan fairly easily, while Vietnam did the same against Japan and Palestine. With that said, both teams deservedly go to the Knockouts Stage.

Their Next Opponents

With their Group Stage games done, they will not face their Knockout Stage opponents on Thursday, September 27. South Korea will face Saudi Arabia at 1 pm UTC, while Vietnam will face India at 6 pm UTC. Both South Korea and Vietnam are expected to win their Quarterfinals and will move on to the Semifinals.

For the rest of the tournament, we have four group stage games left, where Group C has 3 games, and Group D has the one between Macau and Thailand. After tomorrow (September 26), we should know the entire Knockout Stage bracket.

Thus, congratulations to South Korea and Vietnam for making it through the Groups Stage.

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