Riot Confirms Worlds 2023 Will Have Costreams

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot announces their expanded Co-Streaming program for Worlds 2023.

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most anticipated Esports events of the year. It is an international tournament that brings together the top teams from all around the world to compete for the title of the World Champions. The tournament is usually held in October and is considered the biggest League of Legends event of the year.

With less than a month remaining, fans are excited to see their favorite teams and players compete in the tournament. Also, to add to the excitement, Riot has recently announced their expanded plans for Worlds 2023 Costreaming.

Costreaming is a feature that lets content creators stream other creators’ content while providing unique commentary. It started gaining traction during the pandemic and since then has become one of the biggest contributing factors to viewership of the League of Legends Esports scene.

Costreaming, up until recently, was only allowed during Regional tournaments, but due to its massive popularity, Riot now allows Costreaming during MSI and Worlds.

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Worlds 2023 Co-Stream

In a recent Dev Blog, Riot announced their plans for Worlds 2023 co-streaming. Rather than the measly five co-steamers of last year, Riot is allowing more than 50 Co-streamers to participate in Worlds 2023.

The Worlds 2023 co-streaming program will be an invite-only program. So only pre-approved content creators will be able to allowed to co-stream this year’s Worlds event. Approved co-streamers will be rotated during the tournament, with Riot’s local teams driving the selection process. The regions will announce the selected co-streamers via official LoL Esports channels.

In addition, the professional teams that have qualified for Worlds 2023 are allowed to choose their content creators to co-stream the event.

This is excellent news as it could bring a lot of people to watch Worlds 2023. We will know soon when Riot will announce the costreamers for the tournament.

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