Sony Planning To Host PlayStation Showcase or State of Play Next Month

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: PlayStation

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly planning to hold a PlayStation State of Play showcase in May,

According to Jeff Grubb from Giant Bomb, Sony might be hosting a PlayStation Showcase or State of Play in May. Grubb revealed on the Giant Bombcast livestream podcast that ESRB has classified Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, and the release date for the game could be announced at the upcoming PlayStation event.

I have heard that there will be a PlayStation… something—either a State of Play or a Showcase—in May, so this is probably going to be there.

Jeff Grubb on Giant Bombcast
Silent Hill 2 Remake | Credit: Konami
Credit: Konami

Grubb did not specify whether the event next month would be another State of Play or a PlayStation Showcase. However, Sony hosted a PlayStation Showcase in May last year, and it might also be planning to host another one this year. Last year’s PlayStation Showcase ran over for an hour, featured more than 30 games, and revealed the PlayStation Portal handheld device.

Silent Hill 2 remake has recently been rated Mature by the ESRB for its depiction of violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, and use of inappropriate language for those below the age of 17. According to the rating board’s summary, the game highlights the realistic portrayal of violence, and the game’s environments often feature graphic scenes such as large bloodstains and exposed intestines/organs, adding to the overall horror experience.

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