Sniper Elite 5: Mission 6 Liberation Kill Challenge

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Here is how you can kill and finish the Liberation Kill List in Mission 6.

Sniper Elite 5 offers you different kinds of optional kill challenges in the game, which can give you different types of items. You can perform these optional kill challenges in every mission. However, while making these kills, players will have to kill a target in the described way. Furthermore, these challenges can sometimes be tricky to do. So below, we have made a complete guide on doing the Mission 6 Liberation Kill challenge.

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How To Do Mission 6 Liberation Kill Challenge

In Mission 6 Liberation, you will have to join your allies to take charge on the shores of France. With you being the main character, you will have to clear out the German defenses so that your allies can come and capture the area to turn the tide of the war. Moreover, in this mission, the challenge is that you will have to kill Jaan Trautman by using poison. Now adding poison to his drink is not that tough. However, staying undetected during this process is complicated.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 6 Liberation Challenge
Credit- Rebellion Developments

Now to first locate him is the main task before going on and killing him. Players will be able to find him inside a building that is the southwest part of the map. Players should note that you can only have this challenge if you get inside the villa without getting noticed. So you will have to use silenced pistols or takedowns to clear out guards.

After you kill all the guards at the entrance of the building, head to the first floor and grab the poison. It will be on top of the box next to the staircase; now, use this poison to spike his glass with the poison. Leave the room after you do it and let the guard take the poison to him for you to finally take him down. After the challenge is done players will get a Model D for completing this challenge.

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