Sniper Elite 5: How to Beat All Kill Challenges

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Keep reading to find out how many kill challenges there are in Sniper Elite 5 and how to beat all of them.

Sniper Elite 5 is the brand new installment in Rebellion Developments’ award-winning tactical-shooter franchise of Sniper Elite. Set in 1944, the series continues with the long-time protagonist – Karl Fairburne as your main character. The story is set in France during World War II, where you have been tasked with taking down Nazis and destroying their plans for a secret “Project Kraken”.

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Sniper Elite 5 offers a lot – starting from an expansive story campaign to an equally satisfying co-op and PvP mode. Moreover, despite not being an open-world game, Sniper Elite 5 offers vast areas with a highly interactive environment, so players will find themselves being completely immersed in the game.

While on the topic of all that Sniper Elite 5 has to offer, we cannot ignore its newly introduced Kill Challenges. In this guide, we will be listing all the Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5, along with how to access them, how to complete each of them, and the reward for completing each of these challenges.

What are Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5?

Kill challenges are special side quests that yield special rewards for completing them. These are essentially assassination challenges with specific killing requirements. And there are a total of 8 kill challenges for you to complete from the 8 main missions in the game’s story campaign.

You can unlock various weapons by completing these kill challenges. So, if you are a completionist who wants to unlock every weapon Sniper Elite 5 has to offer, you’ll have to execute all of the kill challenges perfectly.

How to access Kill Challenges?

There are two ways you can view kill challenges. The first method is by heading over to the Select Mission menu and looking at the second last slot from the bottom right of your screen. Once you find the Kill List section, you can see the Kill Challenge requirement under the name and picture of your main target.

How to access Kill Challenges?
Credit: Rebellion Developments

The second method is a short-cut route whereby you can view your kill challenges directly from your in-mission map. Simply toggle to Objectives and scroll down to Kill List. From there you can view your Kill Challenge under a specific mission.

List of Kill Challenges in Sniper Elite 5

There are a total of 8 kill challenges for you to complete in Sniper Elite 5. Below we have discussed how you can beat all of them.

Kill Challenge #1Steffen Beckendorf

  • Mission – 1: The Atlantic Wall 
  • Objective: Kill Beckendorf with an Explosion
  • Reward: Machine Pist.40

The target of your very first Kill Challenge is Steffen Beckendorf who can be found in the western region of the Atlantic Wall map. He can be seen driving around town in a Kubelwagon. Since your kill challenge is to finish him off with an explosion, there are a number of ways you can take him down. Perhaps the easiest way is to boobytrap his car and blow it up remotely.

However, you’ll need to wait for the perfect opportunity to sneak up to his car and rig it with explosives. Beckendorf will make three stops during his patrol around the Atlantic Wall. He will make his first stop at a market located on the southern coast. Then, his second stop will be right in front of Moller’s office, which happens to be leftward from the church. You can easily identify the building by the large Nazi banner hanging from it.

You may also blow his car up by placing Teller mines on the pathway and waiting for him to drive over it. The best place for putting the teller mines is right down the slope facing Moller’s office. However, if your cover is already blown and rigging his vehicle is no longer an option, you can also take him down by throwing a grenade at him.

Kill Challenge #2 Friedrich Kummler

  • Mission – 2: Occupied Residence
  • Objective: Kill Kummler by using the Chateau Chandeliers
  • Reward: Kar98K

The target of your next kill challenge is Friedrich Kummler, who can be found in a ballroom located in the east wing of the Chateau’s ground floor. You’ll first have to enter the building by climbing up the vines located west of the main entrance. Try to get past the german soldier undetected or assassinate him before he can alert others.

Once you’re inside, climb down the stairs to reach the first floor of the building. If you head straight from the stairs, you’ll see a giant chandelier hanging over the ballroom and its lever at the rightmost corner of the room. However, you need to avoid it as sabotaging the lever will not meet the conditions of your Kill Challenge.

Kummler can be seen chatting away with other German soldiers in the ballroom below you. Wait for him to finish talking, and he will make his way right underneath the chandelier. That’s your cue to shoot the chandelier chain so that it falls over Kummler and kills him instantly.

Kill Challenge #3 Fabian Richter

  • Mission – 3: Spy Academy
  • Objective: Kill the target using a Stealth Takedown
  • Reward: Pistole 08

Your next target is Fabian Richter who can be found in a meeting room above Spy Academy’s church. He is one of the three Nazi officials attending a meeting regarding the Kraken project. Since this kill challenge requires a stealth takedown, chances are you’ll mess up on your first try.

The best way to avoid mistakes is by creating a save point right before entering the meeting room so that you can try again. The other method is to switch the difficulty to Civilian mode. Once Richter and his companions are done with the meeting, they will begin walking away.

You need to maintain a safe distance from him to remain undetected and also take down any guards in the area before they alert others. Keep in mind that killing the guard outside the meeting room, acquiring the key, and sniping your target does not meet the conditions of the Kill Challenge. You need to make sure it is a melee takedown.

Kill Challenge #4 Matthaus Elrich 

  • Mission – 4: War Factory
  • Objective: Kill Elrich with a Rat Bomb
  • Reward: Machine Pist.44 

When you start off the mission in War Factory’s Resistance warehouse, head straight and climb up the stairs. There you’ll meet a Resistance Fighter who’ll give you some Rat Bombs for the mission. Take the door next to where you picked up the rat bombs to head outside and go down the zipline. Although stealth is not necessary for the mission, try to keep a low profile and take down all enemies in your way. Otherwise, you may not get a successful rat bomb kill.

Your target, Matthaus Elrich can be found in a warehouse southwest of the train tracks. Slowly sneak up towards the door, and you’ll find your target complaining about rats to his comrades. You can find a dead rat under a shelf in the leftmost corner of the room that you can use to plant your Rat Bomb.

Elrich will then head into the next room, so you can eavesdrop on his conversation. Once his conversation is over, he will head back into the room with the rat bomb. Slowly sneak away from there without being detected. The dead rat will catch Elrich’s attention and he’ll begin to inspect the shelves. That’s your cue for detonating the rat bomb, which will kill him instantly and earn you a Machine Pist. 44.

Kill Challenge #5 Lanzo Baumann

  • Mission – 5: Festung Guernsey
  • Objective: Assassinate Lanzo by burying him in Concrete
  • Reward: Type 100 SMG

Your target of this kill challenge, Lanzo Baumann, is located northeast of the Mirus Construction Site in Festung Guernsey. He can be found arguing with his comrades in a green shed right beside the cement mixers. In order to complete this kill challenge, you will have to make use of these cement mixers to bury him alive.

However, just like the second kill challenge with the Chateau chandeliers, this kill challenge also requires some specific conditions to be met. The game will offer you an obvious route where you can first break the ledge and interact with one of the cement mixers to sabotage them. Once the machine begins making a loud sound, Lanzo will step out to inspect it.

When he is done fixing the machine, he will unknowingly rest on the broken ledge and fall into the pile of cement. However, this will not unlock your reward. What you need to do instead is sneak up to Lanzo in the room and render him unconscious without sabotaging the machine. Then you’ll have to carry his unconscious body and drop it in the pile of cement. Only doing so will complete the kill challenge.

Kill Challenge #6 Jaan Trautmann 

  • Mission – 6: Liberation
  • Objective: Kill Trautmann with Poison
  • Reward: Model D Pistol

There are plenty of ways to take down your target, Jaan Trautmann, but in order to get your kill challenge reward, you must poison him. In order to successfully complete the kill challenge, head inside the building and inspect the crates beside the tea-table. You’ll find a bottle of poison facing the stairs.

Pick it up and head upstairs where your target is. Trautmann can be found on the first floor of the mansion. Once you climb up the stairs, head straight towards the door. You’ll find a cup right beside the table lamp. Interact with it to poison the drink and then ring the bell to lure Trautmann out of the door.

Quickly take cover as you don’t want to alert the target of your presence. Once he steps out of the room, he will drink from the cup and fall to his death, and you will earn yourself a Model D pistol.

Kill Challenge #7 Dr. Christian Jungers

  • Mission – 7: Secret Weapons
  • Objective: Kill Dr. Jungers with a V2 Rocket
  • Reward: RSC 1918

Your next target, Dr. Christian Jungers, can be found in the weapons lab which is located on the northeastern side of the map. Once you reach the mission objective, you’ll find yourself by a car outside the lab. Dr. Junger can be seen talking to a German soldier. Wait for them to finish talking, and follow the doctor until he heads back into the lab.

There will be a lot of guards, so make sure not to alert them. As Dr. Jungers takes a left turn, stop following him and take the stairs to your right instead. Gaining altitude is crucial since you need to crush him with a V2 Rocket to complete this kill challenge.

There will be guards on the first floor as well, so quickly take them down. Head west from the stairs and you’ll eventually reach a balcony overseeing the test room of the V2 rocket. Dr. Jungers will enter the room with a bunch of scientists, so wait until he reaches the center of the room. Then, shoot down the ropes hanging the V2 rocket and it will fall directly on him, crushing him to death.

Kill Challenge #8 Shinji Yoshikawa

  • Mission – 8: Rubble and Ruin
  • Objective: Assassinate Yoshikawa with a Japanese weapon
  • Reward: Type 14 Nambu

Your last Kill Challenge target is Shinji Yoshikawa, who can be found in the Townhall located northwest of the Rubble and Ruin map. Despite being the last kill challenge in the game, it is quite easy to complete.

Enter the building through the broken wall and head up the stairs. Then unlock the Townhall office door using the key and head inside. To successfully complete the kill challenge, you must kill Yoshikawa using a Japanese weapon. So, pick up the Type 14 Nambu placed right on the crate as you unlock the office door.

Yoshikawa can be found two rooms away from the corridor where you picked up the Type 14 and can be distinguished by his white uniform. He’ll be busy inspecting rubble, so you can easily assassinate him with the weapon by going for a headshot.

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