Sniper Elite 5: Complete Skill Tree List

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There are three main categories of Skill Trees in Sniper Elite 5. Keep reading to learn about the abilities unlocked by each skill.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in Rebellion Developments’ popular tactical third-person shooter franchise. The game offers an immersive map, tactical combat, and a genuinely elite sniping experience. Players take on the role of the franchise’s protagonist Karl Fairburne, who has to take down Nazis before their Operation Kraken succeeds.

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In Sniper Elite 5, players can unlock various skills under three broad categories: Combat, Equipment, and Body. Other than that, there is also an Axis Sniper category that contains a combination of skills from all three categories. In this guide, we will be explaining what unlocking each of these skills does. Depending on your personal playstyle preference, you can choose which skill tree you should focus on upgrading the most.

Sniper Elite 5 Skill Trees

Combat Skill Tree

  • Combat Medic – Allows players to use up all the bandages instead of a single medkit when reviving themselves
  • Triangulation – Players will now automatically scope tag enemies when taking damage
  • Advanced Triangulation – Enemies will be automatically scope tagged when they shoot in your direction
  • Back In The Fight – Allows players to use a medkit to revive themselves when downed
  • No Time To Bleed – Allows players to use secondary weapons when downed
  • Grenade Throwback – Allows players to quickly pick up and throw back the grenade launched by enemies
  • Quick Trap – allows players to quickly set up a trap that is not noticeable to enemies during combat
  • Steady Hand – Greatly reduces the scope shake when players take damage
  • Swift Hands – Allows players to automatically search enemies when taken down

Equipment Skill Tree

  • Scavenge Weapon Ammo – allows players to scavenge ammunition from salvaged weapons
  • Pistol Special Ammo – An additional box of special pistol ammunition will be added to your loadout
  • Rifle Special Ammo – An additional box of special rifle ammunition will be added to your loadout
  • Carry More Decoys – Increases the carrying capacity of Decoys and Bottles
  • Secondary Special Ammo – An additional box of secondary special ammunition will be added to your loadout
  • Carry More Explosives – Increases the carrying capacity of TNT and grenades
  • Carry More Traps – Increases the carrying capacity of Schu-Mines and Teller Mines
  • Extra Item Slot 1 – An additional item will be added to your loadout
  • Extra Item Slot 2 – Another additional item will be added to your loadout

Body Skill Tree

  • Stabilized – Reduces your Heart Rate when using a medkit or bandage
  • Deep Breath – Reduces the spike in your Heart Rate from Empty Lung
  • Cardio – Reduces the spike in your Heart Rate when sprinting
  • Health Boost 1 – Adds an additional health bar
  • Health Boost 2 – Adds another additional health bar
  • Speedy Recovery – Health regeneration begins a lot sooner
  • Maintain Focus – Increases the duration of your Focus
  • Focus Range – Increases the range of your Focus
  • Focus Movement – This skill allows you to move around much faster while in Focus

Sniper Elite 5 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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