Skyrim Special Edition – Top 10 Best House Mods (For Both PC and Console)

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Skyrim Special Edition Best House Mods

Build the home befitting a legendary Dragonbron with our top 10 house mods for Skyrim: Special Edition. Transform your plain vanilla house into a dream sanctuary!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for over a decade, with its original release in 2011 and a major remaster in 2016, Skyrim: Special Edition. Even today, it is one of the best RPGs out there and has a huge active player base.

The second official Skyrim add-on, Hearthfire, was released in late 2012. It added the ability to acquire land and craft your dream homestead from scratch. You can hire stewards, carriage drivers, and even a personal bard to make your new abode truly your own.

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With five pre-built homes available for purchase, you can now own property in nearly every hold except Winterhold. Additionally, Hearthfire introduces an adoption system, allowing the Dragonborn to provide a loving home for children in a residence they’ve personally constructed.

However, there are certain limitations to consider regarding home customization in Skyrim. The number of objects you can add is restricted, and the variety of purchasable houses is also somewhat limited.

Fortunately, the dedicated modding community is hard at work, crafting house mods that allow you to construct your ideal home exactly as you’ve imagined.

Top 10 Best House Mods in Skyrim Special Edition

The house mods we will discuss in our list don’t just revamp the vanilla homes but also offer new and unique locations to rest after your travels. Some of these mods even grant you the ability to build your very own thriving village!

And don’t forget the bonus mods at the end, which will be the cherry on top to truly transform your house into a home. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

10. Build your Hearthfire homes with gold

Image credit: Santala on nexus mods.
Image credit: Santala on nexus mods.

Download Link: Nexus Mods

Alternate Mod for Console that achieves similar purpose: Xbox 1, Playstation 4

Say goodbye to the endless scouring for materials across Skyrim or the excruciating wait for your steward to furnish your home gradually. Thanks to this mod, every house construction and furnishing aspect can now be achieved with gold.

Building and fully furnishing your dream abode will cost you approximately 25k gold to keep it balanced, giving you a real sense of achievement and pride. Be aware, though, that the final price will depend on your choices, and you’ll find that furnishing the cellar is the most wallet-draining option of all.

9. Riverside Shack

Image Credit: Darkfox127 on nexus mods.
Image Credit: Darkfox127 on Nexus mods.

Download Link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

Riverside Shack is a beautiful and entirely customizable player home that comes with its very own quest. This quest is short and can be quickly completed, especially if you opt for the easier path.

However, be mindful of your choices during the quest, as they can significantly impact the mod’s future. Once you’ve defeated the Sabre Cat residing in the property, you’ll have the opportunity to rebuild the abandoned house.

While the shack existed in the vanilla game without much purpose, this mod breathes new life into it, offering you the chance to own a serene house in the southwest of Windhelm.

8. HS Player Homes – All 5 Vanilla homes Overhauled by HyliosSkykes

A talented modder of the Skyrim community, dissatisfied with the vanilla homes introduced in Hearthfire, took it upon himself to transform them into truly magnificent abodes fitting for a Dragonborn.

He overhauled Breezehome (Whiterun), Hjerim (Windhelm), Honeyside (Riften), Proudspire Manor (Solitude), and Vlindrel Hall (Markarth). Besides these, he also created other mods, introducing new houses in new locations, which can all be found in his Nexus Mods Profile.

HS Player Homes – Breezehome (Whiterun)

Alternate mod on Bethesda for Xbox One.

HS Player Homes – Hjerim (windhelm)

Alternate mod on Bethesda for PlayStation 4.

HS Player Homes – Honeyside

Alternate Mod on Bethesda for PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

HS Player Homes – Proudspire Manor

Alternate mod on Bethesda for PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

HS Player Homes – Vlindrel Hall

Alternate mod on Bethesda for PlayStation 4.

7. Zulfardin

Image Credit: Slime Sire on Nexus Mods.
Image Credit: Slime Sire on Nexus Mods.

Download Link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One).

Delve into the eerie depths of Zulfardin, an atmospheric player home suited for those who walk a darker path in Skyrim. Located beneath the College of Winterhold, this former temple dedicated to Namira, the Daedric Prince of revulsion, now awaits a new master. You’ll need to traverse a brief dungeon and make a gruesome offering of human hearts to gain entry.

Once inside, you’ll discover a home complete with essential crafting stations, custom storage solutions, displays for your treasures, teleportation access to key locations in Skyrim, and a place to change your appearance.

6. JK’s Riverfall Cottage

Image credit: Jkrojmal on Nexus Mods.
Image credit: Jkrojmal on Nexus Mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

JK’s Riverfall Cottage is a charming medium-sized player home that’s perfect for the Dovahkiin seeking a cozy abode. Inside, you’ll find a master bedroom for your comfort, spacious enough for up to 3 loyal followers and 3 cheerful children.

The cottage also includes an armory full to the brim with mannequins, plaques, and weapon racks. The kitchen comes with a cooking station and a Hearthfire oven.

You’ll have ample storage with custom containers for all your treasures and a blacksmith station, alchemy station, and enchanting table. This cottage can be purchased for 15k coins, and the key will be placed in your inventory upon acquisition.

5. Blackthorn – A Buildable Town in The Rift (SE)

Image Credit: Ld50365 on Nexus Mods.
Image Credit: Ld50365 on Nexus Mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

Blackthorn is a Hearthfire-inspired player home and town-building mod, offering an expansive array of over 400 build options for you to craft your ideal haven.

Beyond the customization, Blackthorn boasts safe storage, beautifully designed Hearthfire-style gardens, armor mannequins, and showcases for your prized Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, and Paragons.

So, you can build the ideal town for you and your followers with this mod. Moreover, this mod also supports multiple adoptions.

4. The Scarlett – A Buildable Ship (SE)

Image credit: Ld50365 on NExus Mods.
Image credit: Ld50365 on NExus Mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

From the same creator, we have another mod on our list that truly defies what a “house mod” is. The Scarlett is a customizable ship mod with over 200 build options and two exciting quests.

With a fast travel system and rowboats for exploring Skyrim’s rivers, this is the perfect mod for the sea-savvy Dovahkiin. Aboard the ship, you can find abundant storage, armor mannequins, and displays for your treasures, like Dragon Priest Masks and Claws, etc.

There’s even an indoor smithing area with other crafting tables. Plus, there’s room for your trusty followers. Renovating the ship also allows you to generate passive income with the Lostport income system.

Image credit: Ld50365 on NExus Mods.
Image credit: Ld50365 on NExus Mods.

3. Elysium Estate SSE

Image Credit: thejadeshadow on Nexus Mods.
Image Credit: thejadeshadow on Nexus Mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

Elysium Estate is a charming mid-sized home near Whiterun. Whether alone, with family, or with your faithful followers, this lore-friendly home welcomes you all.

You’ll find crafting stations and a treasure trove of options. The mod comes with a voiced introductory quest that adds an extra layer of immersion to your Skyrim experience.

The mod supports multiple followers, 4-6 adopted children, and is compatible with Automatic Item Storage.

2. Breezehome

Image credit: Elianora on nexus mods.
Image credit: Elianora on nexus mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods, Bethesda (Xbox One)

This mod introduces a complete overhaul for Breezehome, the vanilla house in Whiterun you earn after getting the title of Thane, making it worthy of your status.

This overhaul introduces a full-fledged armory where you can proudly display your weapons and armor, priest masks, all kinds of crafting stations, abundant storage, and much more!

Image credit: Elianora on nexus mods.
Image credit: Elianora on nexus mods.

1. LC_Build Your Noble House

Image Credit: Locaster on Nexus Mods.
Image Credit: Locaster on Nexus Mods.

Download link: Nexus Mods

LC_Build Your Noble House allows you to craft your own aristocratic domain from the ground up. Your journey begins with just a small shed and a tent, but as you acquire sufficient resources and upgrade, you’ll start forging an entire village and establish your very own fortified noble house.

Each building becomes a source of revenue, delivering daily deposits of valuable materials and coins to your shed. The power to dictate the construction and upgrade orders resides in your hands.

This mod includes support for mods to allow your spouse, multiple followers, and up to 6 children to live with you. Your path to your own noble kingdom awaits!


1. Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions – Now with Custom Home Support for Kids and Spouse

With your beautiful new homes and limitless customization at your fingertips, it’s hard not to notice that they might feel a bit empty. You might have a loving spouse and even adopted children, but the modded new homes often won’t let you move them there. Plus, there’s that limit of adopting just two children, leaving even the grandest mansion feeling lonely.

Image credit: TMPhoenix on nexus mods.
Image credit: TMPhoenix on nexus mods.

This bonus mod on our list aims to fix just that by increasing the adoption limit from 2 to 6 children. Furthermore, it grants you the ability to relocate your family to a fitting custom home and even allows you to give your children a last name, giving you a truly immersive experience of parenthood.

Image credit: tmphoenix on nexus mods.
Image credit: tmphoenix on nexus mods.

2. My Home is Your Home

Is your new home still feeling empty? Perhaps you’ve used a town-creating mod and crafted your own bustling village. If you enjoy the company of your followers and wish to share your homestead with them, why not invite them to live with you?

Picture the likes of J’zargo teaching the young ones the art of fishing while Aela teaches your daughters how to hunt. Frea guards the place, ensuring its safety, while Ghorbash the Iron Hand becomes your trusted personal blacksmith.

While the game lets you appoint some followers as stewards, this mod takes it a step further, granting all your loyal companions a cozy spot to call home within your safe haven.

So that’s it for our favorite picks when it comes to the top House Mods for Skyrim: Special Edition in 2023. It’s important to keep in mind that this list is subjective, and your opinions might differ from ours.

Whether you’re a returning veteran or a first-time player, incorporating one or more of these mods into your game will elevate your housing experience playing Skyrim: Special Edition in 2023.

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