Six Invitational 2021 “May Edition”: Teams, Schedule, Format, and more

Ubisoft has just confirmed that the “May Edition” of the Six Invitational 2021 will indeed be taking place as planned in France.

The French government has authorized Ubisoft to hold the Six Invitational 2021 in Paris, from May 11th to 23rd, with no audience on-site. The six Brazilian teams, who were facing travel restrictions, have now been given the green light to enter the country, following strict safety regulations.

Unfortunately, Wildcard Gaming still won’t be able to join this event due to “a conjunction of factors impacting their Six Invitational roster’s ability to participate”, said Ubisoft. In compensation, the team will receive 1% of the total prize pool, corresponding to a 19th to 20th ranking in the competition.

SIX INVITATIONAL 2021 Event Guide (via Ubisoft)


  • May 11th to May 16th: Group Stage. To comply with the guidelines of the health organizations and local authorities, this phase will be broadcast from the players’ hotel.
  • May 19th to May 23rd: Playoffs.


SI 2021 Schedule
Image: Ubisoft
SI 2021 Schedule
Image: Ubisoft


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The Six Invitational 2021 will gather 19 teams and its format has been updated since the previous edition to increase the number of matches and have the most accurate seeding before kicking off the Playoffs.

All teams will start competing in the Group Stage where they will be dispatched into 2 groups. In total, 81 matches will be played between the four regions throughout the Group Stage.

At the end of the Group Stage, the 8 best teams from each group will qualify for the Playoffs. More details below:


Initially, The Six Invitational 2021 was a 20-team competition. The teams were dispatched in 2 groups of 10 teams as follows:

  • The top 4 teams of the Global Standings (BDS, Cloud9, TSM, Giants Gaming) were cross-seeded in Group A & B
  • Based on the Global standings as well, a random draw was made in this specific order to dispatch the 16 other teams in Group A and B:
  • Top 5-8
  • Top 8-16
  • 4 qualifiers
SI 2021 Groups
Image: Ubisoft

Each team in Group A will play 9 games and each team in Group B – composed of one team less – will play 8 games. The 8 best teams of each group, 16 teams in total, will advance to the playoffs, while the 2 bottom teams of Group A and the bottom team of Group B will be eliminated. Given the large number of matches and the number of teams advancing to the Playoffs, the Group Stage will consist of a Best-of-one single round robin.

PLAYOFFS (MAY 19 – 23)

This phase will consist of a double-elimination bracket. All Playoffs matches will be played in best-of-three. Following the Group Stage, the top 4 teams of Group A and B will battle it out in the upper bracket, while the teams ranked between the 5th and 8th positions in each group will fall into the lower bracket. The Grand Final will consist of a best-of-five match with a map advantage to the upper bracket team and unlimited overtime.


Once again the Rainbow Six Siege communities around the world showed their support to their favorite teams and players by contributing to the Road to S.I. Battle Pass and helped reached the maximum cap set for the prize pool of the competition: USD $3,000,000.

Here’s how the prize money will be broken down:

  • 1st Place: $ 1,000,000 – 33.3%
  • 2nd Place: $ 450,000 – 15%
  • 3rd Place: $ 240,000 – 8%
  • 4th Place: $ 170,000 – 5.67%
  • 5th – 6th Places: $ 135,000 – 4.50% each
  • 7th – 8th Places: $ 105,000 – 3.42% each
  • 9th – 12th Places: $ 75,000 – 2.50% each
  • 13th – 16th Places: $ 55,000 – 1.83% each
  • 17th – 18th Places: $ 40,000 – 1.33% each
  • 19th – 20th Places: $ 30,000 – 1% each

Ubisoft will be maintaining strict sanitary safety measures before and during the event to keep the players and staff safe, including multiple COVID tests for the Brazilian teams. We hope the event goes smoothly without any issues and provides a spectacle for all the Rainbow Six Siege fans around the world.

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