Signs Popping Up in the Middle of the Screen are Infuriating Warzone Players

Warzone players are annoyed with the signs popping up in the middle of their screen. These pop-up signs have been a significant annoyance since the inception of the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the market’s most innovative battle royale titles. The game has introduced many features that fans received with a pat on the back. However, many features also faced a cold shoulder from the community because of their unusual traits.

Among all the features that have failed to serve their intended purpose, the most common ones are the signs or announcements that pop up in the middle of the screen. These signs interrupt players’ vision at inconvenient times, making them lose gunfight or become disoriented.

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Signs Causing Visibility Issues

In a recent Reddit post by u/PadThai42, the user showed his gameplay where a sign caused him to lose a gunfight. While the enemy fired at him, the announcement sign popped up and ultimately hindered his vision.

A user quickly agreed that many signs like this block off a player’s vision at important times. Furthermore, the user also pointed out how this issue was persistent at a particular FOV.

Another user pointed out how the alarm sound was distracting as it appeared in the late-game circle. The sound reminds everyone in the lobby that the fire sale is beginning, making players lose focus from the game.

U/Pooiyer shares the same sentiment as the majority of the community. Even though the signs were added to improve the player experience, they ended up doing the complete opposite.

A feasible option might be to provide an option to turn off alert signs and sounds in the game. However, currently, there is no particular way to stop these signs or sounds, players can only hope that devs sort it out in Warzone 2.

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