Modern Warfare 2’s 3D Footstep Audio Feature Raises Concern for Multiplayer Players

In a recent video, devs have highlighted the new 3D audio in MW2, which has raised concerns amongst multiplayer players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is being built from the ground up in the new and improved MW engine. Along with the new engine, the game is getting a completely new 3D audio system. This audio system emphasizes footsteps even in a loud gunfight.

Fortunately, the new audio system is an improvement from the previous version. However, a significant portion of fans is discontent with the new audio system. They speculate that this will encourage audio camping and make the game pacing as slow as its predecessor.

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MW2’s New Footstep Audio

In a recent gameplay showcase, devs have shown a peek into the new and improved 3D audio in MW2. The new system emphasizes footsteps over gunfights making it harder to remain undetected. Furthermore, it also encourages audio hunting.

The problem started when IW’s audio director stated players could now hunt other players using the audio cue and get a jump on them around the corner. This statement made most fans worry as the “hunting” indirectly translates into camping abusing audio cues.

In a Reddit thread made by u/TheRealPdGaming, many users quickly commented about the hunting part of the video and its ramifications.

A poll made by @JiuJitsuBBL further solidifies why audio hunting is a problematic issue for CoD titles. However, seeing the community’s reaction, devs may decide to dial it down a bit in the upcoming open beta for MW2.

IW is in a tight position even though they wanted to introduce a new improvement for audio cues in the game. However, audio hunting is unsuitable for an arcade shooter like CoD, and it’s more effective in strategic shooter titles such as CS:GO and VALORANT. Only the open beta can show how the new audio system works and if it manages to fit the vibe of MW2.

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