Siege’s Alibi Holographic Clone finally gets a new model with the latest Elite Skin

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has finally released the Alibi Elite skin, but unlike all other custom Alibi skins, you won’t have to worry about her hologram gadget.

Ubisoft has released a brand new elite set, and this time it is for the Rainbow Six Siege defender Alibi. This is the first elite set Alibi has received, and it is a unique design made by Siege devs and artists at Ubisoft.

The new elite set is called the ‘Alibi Sophisticated Veneer Elite Set’; the trailer, which you can watch below, shows off Alibi’s elite skin in the Tower map.

YouTube video

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R6S Alibi Elite Skin: Does the hologram change too?

Now the main question the Siege players will immediately raise is does the Alibi holographic clone also get updated with the new uniform and headgear? The answer is YES!

After many years since Alibi’s release, Siege players are getting a new model of Alibi’s clone, as the gadget always used the default skins that she came with. This meant equipping custom uniform and headgear for Alibi was always a bad move, as with the custom skins, Attackers would immediately know if it was the real Alibi.

alibi elite skin

However, with the release of the new elite set, Ubisoft has made sure to give Alibi’s clone the same elite uniform and headgear. If you are wondering why Ubisoft can’t do this for every other skin, this is because there is a big collection and combination of Alibi skins, and Ubisoft can’t manually design the clones for every unique combination.

The tech used for the holograms also limits this possibility, as stated by Ubisoft a few years back. But things could change with future updates.

Alibi Sophisticated Veneer Elite Set includes the Sophisticated Veneer headgear, uniform, victory dance, gadget skin, operator cards, and weapon skins for the ACS12, the Bailiff 410, the KERATOS .357, and the Mx4 Storm as well as the Elite Alibi Chibi charm.

You can now purchase this set from the in-game shop.

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