Rainbow Six Siege releases new Limited-Time ‘Freeze For All’ Holiday Event 2023

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released a brand-new Rainbow Six Siege limited-time event for this Holiday season.

With the holiday break coming up, Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a new game mode for a limited time, set in a fresh Arctic Workshop map (modified winter-themed version of Hereford Base). The game rules are also new, and it has been modified so there is no idle time for any player.

Siege players are already excited that they won’t have to play the Snow Brawl event once again from the previous year.

FREEZE FOR ALL: Exclusive Playlist

In ‘Freeze For All’ 10 operators clash across five rounds on a single wintery map, wielding a fresh loadout of unique gadgets and weapons each round. Forget the usual Attack vs. Defender split – this is pure, unadulterated chaos, where points are earned for eliminating rivals. Even death is just a temporary setback in this mode, as you’ll respawn on the rooftop, ready to throw snowballs from above that will ping the players like Lion’s scan.

The new game mode is fast-paced, where reflexes reign and snowflakes fly that’s sure to leave you laughing (and maybe a little cold). So grab your warmest gear from the new collection pack and get ready to freeze everyone.

Collection Pack

With the new event comes limited-time Alpha Packs that contain the new winter-themed skins. Jäger and Ace along with Flores, Valkyrie, and Ying is receiving exclusive event skins, while the previous Snow Brawl event skins are also returning in this collection.

To make things cooler, an exclusive Signature Pack will also be available with an exclusive drone skin, charm, and universal weapon skin!

All Freeze for All and Snow Brawl bundles are available for 1680 R6 Credits or via the collection packs at 300 R6 Credits (12,500 Renown) each. If you connect to the game during the event, you will also receive one Collection Pack for free, and additional ones when completing weekly challenges.

New Operators and Abilities

In Freeze for All, a fresh Map and a new Game Mode will see players trying to be the last ones surviving after the snow melts in the new Arctic Workshop map. Players will be able to enjoy constantly shifting gameplay with one of five rotating roles, meaning all players will play all classes. Roles can include different weapons and special abilities like the Remah dash, special knives or even playing as a 3-speed Monster with 700 HP! It is every Operator for themselves in this 10-player winter showdown. There will be no time to chill as players can respawn on rooftops to rain down snowballs on enemies to live-ping them for non-stop action!

The new ‘Freeze For All’ event will run from December 13th to January 5th. So make sure to dive into the game and try it out. Or just log in to claim your free pack.

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