Rainbow Six Siege Azami Shade of Vengeance Elite Skin: Price, Items, and more

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege released a brand-new elite skin for the operator Azami just before the new season dropped on the live servers.

Siege’s Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze is almost here, and Ubisoft surprised the community with a new elite set for Azami.

This is the first elite skin for the defender Azami, and it is called the ‘Shade of Vengeance’. Watch the elite teaser below.

Azami Shade of Vengeance Elite Set

Azami is looking stealthier than ever in this new elite skin. The uniform takes inspiration from Japan, where Azami’s birthplace is.

Azami’s Shade of Vengeance Elite Set includes:

  • Weapon skins for 9×19VSN, ACS12, D50
  • Elite Cibi charm
  • Kunai gadget skin
  • Operator Portrait
  • Unique MVP Celebration

While many players already saw this skin leaked months ago, players who are seeing this for the first time are getting excited about it.

Azami’s new elite set is now available in the in-game Shop and it will cost players 1800 R6 Credits, which is about $20 USD.

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