Should you upgrade to Bennett C6 in Genshin Impact?

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Is Bennett C6 worth it in Genshin Impact? Find out from this article below.

If you have been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you probably know Bennett. Genshin Impact has a huge roster of characters, and Bennett is one of the game’s best. Known for his incredibly bad luck and the last remaining member of Benny’s Adventurer Team, Bennett is widely loved by Genshin Impact fans.

One of the best supports in the game, Bennett grants his team massive buffs and a ton of healing. Fans who need an all-around powerhouse should utilize Bennett in their teams.

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Being a 4-star character in Genshin Impact, Bennett and his constellations are pretty easy to get, but his sixth construction is controversial in the Genshin Impact community.

Bennett, with his sixth constellation, unlocked.

What does Bennett C6 actually do?

Bennett’s sixth constellation brings a small nerf to his performance, depending on how players utilize him.
Here’s what it does:

  • Fire Ventures with Me: Sword, Claymore, or Polearm-wielding characters inside Fantastic Voyage‘s (Bennett’s Elemental Burst) radius gain a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus, and their weapons are infused with Pyro.

This effect grants all sword, claymore, and polearm users a Pyro infusion while inside Bennett’s Elemental Burst radius, which overrides any other infusions in the game. This might sound terrible, but it’s not entirely true.

While the extra 15% Pyro DMG Bonus is great for Pyro-oriented teams, the rest of the Main DPS characters cannot properly utilize Bennett’s elemental burst. Like Keqing, Eula, and Ayaka, they rely on their normal and charged attack for damage.

However, players have taken advantage of this to boost certain characters like Thoma, Diluc, Yoimiya, and Xiangling, granting them even higher damage. It can be tricky to utilize, but this buff isn’t entirely terrible. Extra 15% Pyro DMG is good for teams running one or more Pyro characters.

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Bennett C6 showcase with Thoma, Credit: @ervnest on Twitter.

What about the rest of the characters? The catalyst and bow characters are fine because they are immune to the Pyro infusion. So, players who run Yae Miko, Ganyu, Tartaglia can be comfortable using C6 Bennett in their parties. Most of the supports are also okay with Bennett’s sixth constellations because the supports rely mostly on their elemental skill and burst in combat. They are not affected by the pyro infusion from Bennett’s elemental burst. Instead, activate his sixth constellation only if you can use him properly.

Which characters get negatively affected because of Bennett C6?

As we know that Bennett is top-tier support and used in many popular Genshin Impact teams, many characters can’t get the full benefit because of Bennett C6.

Characters like Ayaka, Eula, Keqing, Razor, Chongyun cannot benefit if Bennett C6 is used in the party. Mainly because their normal attacks get infused with Pyro when they are inside Bennett’s elemental burst. This is pretty bad because the aforementioned characters who only rely on normal and charged attacks for damage output get significantly nerfed.

Other characters like Jean, Qiqi, Kayea, who can be used as a physical carry, get nerfed with Bennett C6. So you should be cautious with unlocking Bennett’s sixth constellation if you’re planning to use any of these characters with him.

Below, we’ve made a list of who can benefit from Bennett C6 and who does not.

Should you upgrade to Bennett C6?

This is entirely up to the decision of the player. If you prefer playing Eula, Keqing, or Ayaka, it might be the best decision not to upgrade him to C6. Bennett C6 is overall a massive power nerf to Bennett himself. However, players who mainly run Pyro-oriented characters can greatly benefit from Bennett C6.

Personally, it is wise not to unlock Bennett’s sixth constellation. The reason is Bennett can be used in any team because of how good he is as a support. There might be future Genshin Impact characters who can be benefitted from Bennett as well and they might be negatively affected by his sixth constellation. We advise not to upgrade him to C6, but it’s up to the player’s choice whether you want to upgrade him or not.

I hope this article helps you understand more about Bennett C6 and is worth the upgrade.

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