Scorn: How To Defeat Krang The Final Boss Of The Game

Here is how you get to defeat the final boss Krang in Scorn.

Scorn brings a new world of horror for fans who like to feel the thrill when playing a game. Even though the surroundings and atmosphere of Scorn are filled with bones and creatures, exploring the grotesque world of Scorn could be both fun and spine-chilling.

Scorn offers an immersive disturbing environment where weapons and ammo are scarce, and bosses are terrifying. Along with intense boss fights, Scorn offers different puzzles to solve as you play the game. Furthermore, the game will not help how you can defeat each of the bosses. Instead, you will have to find a way to deal with them.

Moreover, if you are almost at the end of the game and you are wondering how you should prepare to finish this bone-chilling horror game. Below we have made a complete guide on defeating Krang, the Last boss of Scorn.

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How to Defeat Krang, The last boss of Scorn

Due to Scorn being a Survival and Horror game, players will have to deal damage and be on their toes all the time. You must maintain a fine line between doing damage and conserving all resources you have. The Final Boss, Krang, lies in the last part of Act 5. The creature awakens when you put the second demonic baby in its abdomen.

After players reach the room filled with two cages, they will find two demonic babies and two abdomens. Here you will have to put the babies inside the abdomens and crush them to get the blood. After you put the first one inside, shoot it and gather its blood and try to do the same for the second baby. Krang will appear, and the biggest fight of Scorn will start.

1st Phase

Krang uses grenade launchers to damage its enemy and has to reload after nine rounds every time. During this time, he is vulnerable, and you can damage Krang. He will take around two seconds to fill, and you will see him exposing two purple blood sacks during that time. Remember to equip your shotgun to deal maximum damage and shoot the sacks to damage and make him weak. Apart from this, when Krang uses his grenade launcher, players should use the two cages in the room to take cover behind them.

Krang Scorn
Credit- Ebb Software

2nd Phase

When the blood sacks are down, the boss will get down on its knee, and you will be able to try to take out the grenade launcher from his hand. However, this will trigger the second Phase of the fight, where the boss will again use the grenade launcher at you. However, this time around, he will be faster, and you will not have any blood sacks to target at.

During this Phase, you will be able to deal damage if the hatch on the stomach is showing and the fetus is visible. You must trigger the boss’s melee attacks to get to this part. So get close to him, and when he takes his hand off his stomach, damage him. After you shoot the fetus three times, you can take the grenade launcher and crush it to get its blood.

3rd Phase

After you get the grenade launcher, the final Phase of the fight will start. First, you will need to head to the lab, and from there, you will need to shoot the metal grate in front. After the gate opens, the third and final fetus will appear, and you will have to use the same tactics to defeat this one again. After this fetus is defeated, collect the final fetus, crush it to put the blood inside the blood capsule to fill it, and move on to the next phase of the game.

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