Saints Row: All Characters Explained

Below we have explained the role each has in Saints Row.

In Saints Row, there are all kinds of characters you will meet. Starting from your crew to people around the world, Saints Row allows you to explore its world with ease. Moreover, if you are wondering how many characters there are in the game, below, we have explained each character and their role.

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All Characters in Saints Row Explained

In Saints Row, there are a lot of faces you will get used to seeing apart from your crew. These include gangs inside Saints Row, sub-bosses, and much more. Each area is controlled by a different gang that will access different kinds of side missions to do. Moreover, you can check out the complete breakdown of each type of character and gang that are in Saints Row below:

The Saints

The saints are what your crew is called, and they are the latest crime-doing gang found in the world of Saints Row. Check out all characters inside this gang below:

The Boss

Boss is the character you will get to control in the game. As you start the game, this will be the custom character you will be able to create as per your wish. Starting from the streets of Santo Illeso, your character will start his career by doing small jobs for Marshall Defense Industries. Then, the story turns as you start building your empire of crime with your gang. Using this character, you can explore various people and quests in the game.

Saints Row All Characters Explained
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Every crime organization needs its mastermind, and the brains of your organization are Eli. Taking decisions that he suggests will help become your crime organization the best. Eli is an African American self-made millionaire. Along with his brains, money, and work ethic, he is an excellent addition to your team and one of the critical members.


Moving on, every gang needs a getaway driver who can get the cops off your back. Neenah is the best driver in Saints Row. Her father raised her after her mom died of cancer when she was 15. Her parents were mechanics, and she is taking their dreams to new levels with a touch of crime.


Kevin is a character who loves action more than anything. But, unlike Neenah and Eli, he is a character who knows everything about the city. Starting from people to money, if you need anything in the city, Kevin is your guy. He loves music and came to this city with his Idols. He loves parties and chooses family above all.

Criminal Ventures

As you go through the story, you will unlock more characters who will serve you to take more control of the city. These characters are Chuy, Jim Rob, Jersey Dan, Edith Hunt, and Joannie. In the game, Chuy is the person who will be in charge of the Chalupacabra business as well, and he understands the distribution of the drugs. Jim Rob is the person who owns Jim Rob’s car mechanic business. Jersey is the person who handles the Bright Future Business. Edith is in charge of the Cutting Edge business, and finally, Joannie manages the Let’s Pretend business.

Marshall Defense Industries

The Marshall Defense Industries is one of the most extensive cooperation in Santo Iieso. Atticus Marshall is the company’s owner, and Myra Starr is one of the board members of this company. In addition, Gwen is the Marshall Mercenary, Bailey is the one who drives the APC, and Johnson is the guard.


Apart from these are cults like the Idols, who are anarchists that see themselves as icons of the new world order. Los Panteros is a street gang that believes in manpower. Lastly, Doctor Antonio Espina is the curator of the Museum of the Santa Ileso.

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