Rumbleverse: How To Enable Crossplay

Crossplay is the ultimate feature to have fun as you can use it to play with your friends side by side! This guide will show you all the steps to enable Crossplay in Rumbleverse.

In this battle royale game, Rumbleverse, 40 players are transported to the city of Grapital, where they must fight one another until only one person is left. You must play to survive. No guns or other weapons are allowed; you can only defeat other players with melee tools like a baseball bat, punches, kicks, and other things. There are mazes and exciting quests in the game, which you can play with your friends too!

Playing with your friends is known as Crossplay. You can do Crossplay with a few steps; after that, you can run through the city with your friends and chill out in the sun of Rumbleverse. Crossplay enables multiplayer features just for you.

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umbleverse: How To Enable Crossplay
Credit: Iron Galaxy

How To Enable Crossplay

Here are the steps you may follow to enable Crossplay are down below:

  1. Start the game.
  2. Go to the Menu.
  3. You will see a Options feature on Menu. Click on Options.
  4. Press the Account Tab in Options Menu.
  5. You will see the Crossplay option, which you can Turn On and Off in that Account Tab option.
Rumbleverse: How To Enable Crossplay

With this Crossplay option enabled, you can invite your friends and play Rumbleverse with them online. Wouldn’t that be super amazing to have your friends by you and fight others together in the game? This Crossplay option is turned on in the game by default, but it is better to double-check this option if you want to play with your friends. Moreover, you can disable this option as you have enabled it.

These are the steps players should follow to enable Crossplay in Rumbleverse.

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