Rogue Legacy 2: Best Ways To Farm Gold

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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In Rogue Legacy 2, you definitely need a valuable resource like Gold! With Gold, you can purchase castles and equipment to go forward with your gameplay. You will get to know the best and fastest ways to farm Gold by the end of this article!

Rogue Legacy 2 is filled with enemies and fighting moments. And also those kinds of challenges where you have to get your own special powers unleashed! You can get your special power unleashed by completing certain challenges given by the Heirloom section. But you can upgrade faster with Gold and other resources.

You can cultivate or farm Gold with your own tactics and skills, of course. Moreover, you can purchase traits which are another kind of power in this game with Gold.

Gold is one of the essential resources in Rogue Legacy 2 for updates and upgrades and whatnot! You have to use the process in the right way to get yourself a bag of Gold in this gameplay to make your gameplay moments more exciting than ever.

Rogue Legacy 2: Best Ways to Farm Gold
Credit: Haelian ( YT )

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Best Ways To Farm Gold

Gold can help you purchase runes and other equipment to upgrade your level. This is why you need to know the best ways to farm Gold in Rogue Legacy 2. We are here to help you with that. The best ways to farm Gold are down below.

Know Your Upgrades

If you use the upgrades below to purchase Gold, you will get the Gold at a discounted offer. You can use these upgrades after the first tutorial of the game.

These are the upgrades by which you can buy Gold:

  • Pacifier
  • Dizziness
  • Charismatic
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta 
  • Exploding Casket Syndrome
  • Charity Dungeon ( Manor Gold Upgrade )
  • Huge Vault ( Manor Gold Upgrade )
  • Regenerated Mining Squad ( Manor Gold Upgrade )
  • Scribe’s Office ( Manor Gold Upgrade )

The manor is one kind of building that creates Gold. The Manor Gold Upgrades can get you more Gold than the other regular upgrades. Moreover, you can use one regular upgrade with a Manor Gold upgrade to get a huge amount of Gold, more than ever!

Choose Your Location

There are many places in the maps you will be provided within the gameplay. But you have to choose exact places wisely to farm your Gold. One of a kind of place is Axis Mundi. You can also farm Gold in the places like Stygian Study, Citadel Agartha, etc. These are some of the places where you can literally farm a significant amount of Gold.

Watch For The Traits

There are many Traits in Rogue Legacy 2. But some of them, like, Associative Agnosia, Compulsive Gambling, FMF Fan, and Nostalgic, can surely help you farm more Gold without any problem. These Traits have the currency achieving magnets which means you can farm 25% more gold with these cosmetic tweaks in your gameplay.

The Relic

There is one ultimate Relic out of all the Relics: Future Successor’s Bargain. But you have to be careful while you farm with this Relic, as it can kill you and end your gameplay immediately. This Future Successor’s Bargain Relic can help you grow and cultivate more Gold by plotting a phase of the Gold Farming Run.

Upgrade Your Gameplay

Sometimes to get the Gold, you must upgrade your gameplay to reach the Repurposed Mining Shaft Upgrade and Massive Vault Upgrade, where you will be able to farm with your traits in the game. When you have these two upgrades along with you, you can gain and attract gold magnets from all over the place. This will make your work a lot easier.

Rogue Legacy 2: Best Ways to Farm Gold
Credit: Haelian ( YT )

Live your Rogue Legacyin a golden way with Gold!

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