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Here is a list of all the Traits in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy came out in 2013, and now Rogue Legacy 2 is back with new content to offer to its fans. Making its way to the top indie games of all time, the original Rogue Legacy did satisfy its fanbase back then. However, there are many new things inside Rogue Legacy 2 compared with the original Rogue Legacy.

These include classes and weapons. However, one thing that can give your weapons and classes an edge in battle is traits. Moreover, if you are confused about what traits are and all the traits in the game. Below we have created a complete list of all the traits in Rogue Legacy 2.

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All Traits in Rogue Legacy 2

In Rogue Legacy 2, there are tones of different classes and characters. Each is born with another ability, and if that wasn’t enough variety itself, traits add more customization to your character. Furthermore, traits act like an extra boost to all kinds of characters.

As equipping each, you will get a different stat increase. It can also make life difficult depending on the trait you are using in the game. In fact, Cellar Door games have inserted a few traits just for laughs, to make the game more challenging, references to other games they have made, and some even relating to different kinds of international movements. There are 56 Traits in the Rogue Legacy 2, and below, we have broken down all traits for you to understand better.

Name of the TraitDetailsEffect
AerodynamicDownstrike will be performed instead of a SpinkickThe enemy goes flying down and doesn’t stop till it hits something
AlexithymiaYou won’t be able to see the amount of damage doneGold +25%
AlgesiaRemoves the short invincibility time after you are damagedGold +50%
AntiqueStar with a Random RelicIt depends on the Relic summoned
Associative AgnosiaStun the enemy with your weaponGold +25% and Stun enemy
BookishGet Increased mp capacity and magic damage for the cost of health+50% Magic Damage, +50% MP Capacity and -30% HP.
CartographerYou will have the map but no position marker Gold +25%
CharismaticGet discounts on all stores 15% Gold discount
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeEvery talent or spell you use will have a cooldownGold +25%
C.I.P.You won’t be able to see your healthGold +25%
ClownanthropyYou can kick off all kinds of objects and hazards coming your way.-30% Health
ClumsyAll kinds of objects broke on touchWalk on all sorts of platforms without any damage
ColorblindYou won’t be able to see colors Gold +25%
CombativeIncreased weapon damage at the price of lower health +50% Weapon Damage and -30% Health.
Compulsive Gambling / Lootbox AddictThe Gold increased percentage ranges from 2% to 400% every time you open a chestGold +25%
Compulsive HoarderWhenever possible, all relics you have will double in amount It depends on the relics
Contrarian /
The weapon you will yield and the Talent you get are random Gold +25%
Crippling IntellectYour mana will increase over time at the cost of Health and Weapon Damage-50% Health and Weapon Damage, Mana regeneration over time, takes a few seconds to be Mana to be full
DisattunedYour health gets reduced, and so will be the hitbox on your character. Attacks will only damage you if they hit you in the heart-25% Health, Reduced HitBox
DivaThe entire screen will be black, and projectiles and enemies will have a spotlight above them. When you clear the whole room, the audience will cheer for youGold +50%
Dyspraxia /
Butter Fingers
All items will fly Gold +25%
DwarfismYou shrink in size, and so does your hitbox Gold +25%
EctomorphYou will get pushed back every time you get hitGold +25%
Mana cost will get increased so will the damage +100% Mana Cost and Spell Damage
EndomorphYou won’t move easily when you are hit The character won’t flinch
Exploding Casket SyndromeEnemies will leave a bomb that will explode every time they get killed Gold +50%
FMF FanThis trait means a game title from Cellar Door games. However, you do get a bonus of Gold from it Gold +25%
FNDAfter you take damage, your character will be under stress and will not be able to attack or do spells for 2 seconds Gold +50%
2 Second Cooldown on all attacks
GigantismYou will become a giant Gold +25%
weapon and your Hitbox increased
Hero ComplexYou will get granted more health, but you can’t heal anymore+100% Health
Cannot heal anymore
HistrionicAll your numbers are exaggeratedN/A
Hollow BonesYour bones become very light You will fall very slowly
HypercoagulationYour youth is gone slowly every time you get hit Your Max will become lower every time you get hit, but you will regenerate your health
HypergonadismYour core strength allows you to push enemies farEvery time you make a melee attack, all your enemies get pushed back
IBSYour character has gastric issues, and it will fart sometimesFart may burn the enemy
IIB Muscle Fibers / High JumperYour leg muscles are now more prominent than everHold jump to super jump
MasochismYou will start to enjoy feeling pain +%50 Mana, every time you are hit
Methemoglobinemia / BlueYou will become blue N/A
Muscle WeaknessYour muscles lack strengthGold +25% and Enemies will not move when you hit them
NatureYour character becomes an LGBTQ+ inheritor N/A
NostalgicThe entire theme of the game turns into a much older tone Gold +25%
OCD/ Breaker Obsessive Crushing DisorderMana will be restored every time your crush or break an object
Osteogenesis Imperfecta / FragileYou will die in one hit Gold +200%
PacifierYour character loves fighting more than anything else now Gold +150%
-60% Health
PacifistYour character loves fighting but doesn’t wanna hurt anyone Gold +150%
You cannot deal damage, only knock enemies back
Panic AttacksYour character will start to panic every time you are hit Gold +50%
The screen will darken every time you get hit
Paranoid / Exploding ChestsThe chest drop you will get might have an exploding surprise Gold +25%
Chest Drop explosives
Perfectionist Only best attacks will do your enemies harm Gold +50%
Only Skill attacks and Spin Kicks do damage
PuritanEnemies will get censored Gold +25%
SpelunkerYour character might be a treasure hunter from nature. -10% Hp
You can see all the chests on the map
Superfluid Your character will become very agile-20% Health
Dash in any direction
Super IBSYour character has too many gastric issues Super Fart will allow you to jump upwards, deals damage, and burn enemies for 3 seconds. The fart has a 2-second cooldown
SynesthesiaEverything will leave a trail of colors Gold +25%
Anything that will move will leave color behind
VampirismIncreases your weapon damage at the cost of defense+20% Weapon Damage
+125% Damage taken
VeganYou transform into a vegan Gold +50%
Eating food now will do you the decrease the amount of health they increased

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