Nintendo Switch Sports: How to Unlock Pro Leagues

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Here is how you can access Pro leagues in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a reload of the original Wii Sports, which was of the best-selling games on the Wii. With the game coming back on the latest Nintendo console, fans are more than excited to jump in and play. Nintendo Switch Sports has six different games that you can play online or with friends.

Moreover, if you are good at the game and looking for some competitive gameplay, Nintendo Switch Sports does offer a competitive ranked mode called Pro Leagues. Furthermore, if you are confused about unlocking Pro leagues, below we have made a complete guide on how to unlock pro leagues.

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How To unlock Pro leagues

To unlock Pro Leagues, you will have to play ten games for each sport online. There are six sports in the game, which marks 60 online games to unlock competitive play in all sports. It takes a bit of time, but it is worth the wait as you get access to it after that for a lifetime. Furthermore, after you unlock the Pro leagues, you will get your rank based on your performance in the game.

How to Unlock Pro Leagues
Credit- Nintendo

The goal in all competitive games is to get to the top and become the best. In fact, there are 12 ranks in total in Nintendo Switch Sports. The ranking system will allow you to match players with the same skill level as yours to make it a fair fight. The Ranks are:

  • Rank A: A
  • Rank B: B-, B, B+
  • Rank C: C-, C, C+
  • Rank D: D-, D, D+
  • Rank E: E, E+

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