Trek To Yomi: How To Get All Stamina Upgrades

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Here is how you can get all the stamina upgrades.

Trek to Yomi is finally out, and players worldwide are joining Hiroki on his adventure of avenging the deaths in his town. On your journey inside this beautiful-looking game, you will be able to find collectibles, Stamina upgrades, and Health upgrades. The enhancements will aid you in your journey throughout the game but finding them can be a hassle. So below, we have made a complete guide on how to get all The Stamina upgrades.

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How to get all the Stamina upgrades

There are 14 stamina upgrades hidden away in corners of rooms inside Trek to Yomi. They will have a white dot on them each time you get in the range of one. They are scattered away in different locations and chapters in the game, and finding them is essential as they can increase your stamina by a significant amount. Which, in total, will give you the strength to fight off more powerful enemies. Furthermore, you can check out the entire list of all the Stamina upgrades below:

Chapter 1 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 1

1st Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

The first Stamina upgrade is one of the easier ones to find. In chapter 1, when you pass through an area with many civilians, you will get to notice a door on the left. Enter this house and go inside of it, and keep going left till you reach the last room. Here you will see a white dot which is the Stamina Upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 2

2nd Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

You will also find the second Stamina upgrade in chapter 2 when you reach the fields. Just as you get to the road, go right, and you will see a white dot appearing on your screen. Go beside it and pick it up, and it will be your 2nd stamina upgrade. You can check out the picture below if you are confused about where you can find this upgrade.

Chapter 2 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 3

3rd Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Players can easily miss the Stamina upgrades if they ignore the details of this game. You will find this Stamina upgrade just after the start of chapter 2. Rather than going right, head left, and you will see a white dot appearing as you go to the top left. It will be the third Stamina you will find in the game.

Stamina Upgrade 4

4th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Keep continuing on your path till you are just beyond the cave. From there, continue on the road till you see a shrine on a log. Go near the log, and you will see a white dot appearing: it will be the 4th Stamina upgrade and the 2nd on chapter 2.

Stamina Upgrade 5

5th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

To get the 5th one, you will have to do some hard work as it is a little more tricky than others. Once you get to Hiroki’s village, you will see a road heading upwards to a house. Outside the house, a troubled man will be crying, putting his hands on his head. Go inside this house to find a Bo Shuriken and your 5th Stamina upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 6

6th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

You will find the 6th Stamina Upgrade at the end of chapter 2. Before you continue using small boats to continue the story, go left inside the last house. You will see a man dying inside and continue going left from here until a white dot appears. Here you will find a Stamina Upgrade which will mark the end of Chapter 2 Stamina upgrades.

Chapter 3 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 7

7th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Remember, the area you got attacked by bandits in the first chapter? Well During the third chapter, you will come back here, but don’t go inside the village from the cemetery. Instead, players will find their 7th Stamina upgrade inside the cemetery in a place shown in the picture above.

Stamina Upgrade 8

8th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

After defeating the mini-boss with a spear, enter the building beside it in this chapter. After you are inside it, now keep going right till you reach a room with a bright bulb light. Inside this room, you will find the 8th stamina upgrade of the game.

Stamina Upgrade 9

9th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Later in this chapter, players go against three enemies who will be standing on a couple of planks. You have to kill them and go up using the planks, and a white dot will show you the stamina upgrade. Pick this up to increase your stamina, further marking your 9th stamina upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 10

10th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Just before you enter a boss fight which will end in chapter 3, you will go through a road with burning stalls. You will find a dead person beside the stalls, and just beside him, you will see the 10th Stamina upgrade of Trek to Yomi.

Chapter 4 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 11

11th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

During the early part of this chapter, you will fall from a tree and be inside a forest. During your journey inside the woods, you will come across a shrine. Go left of this shrine till you see a fallen tree. Beside the fallen tree, you will find your 11th Stamina Upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 12

12th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

In chapter 4, when you reach a barn after fighting some enemies in the water, you will find the 12th Stamina Upgrade inside it. Just go inside, defeat the enemies, and then use the ladder. On the shelf will be waiting for yet another upgrade for you to increase your stamina further.

Stamina Upgrade 13

13th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

After getting the 12th one, climb the cliff after you get outside the barn. Here you will be given the choice of going on two roads. Go right till you find a tree you can push down. Push this tree down and get your 13th upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 14

14th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Keep playing till you go outside the building and reach a land filled with wooden docks. You will first find a health upgrade, then go down to the last wooden dock to see your 14th Stamina upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 15

16th Stamina Upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

After getting your hands on the Ozutsu, go through the swamp, making your way through all the enemies. There is a place where the water rises on that path, and from here, you will have to go left. Keep going on that path, and you will get the Stamina Upgrade beside a cage with a prisoner in it.

Chapter 5 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 16

15th Stamina Upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Early in the chapter, going right will lead you inside a tower after you get down from a cliff. Instead, go straight to the edge to find your first Stamina Upgrade in chapter 5.

Stamina Upgrade 17

17th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

In chapter 5, you are on a cliff with a large tower and a statue near the entrance. Go behind the glowing kanji statue and change the camera angle to get this upgrade sitting on a barrel. Pick this up, which will make the first Stamina upgrade in chapter 5 and the 16th in total.

Stamina Upgrade 18

18th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

Head inside the tower, and you will enter a temple with a symbol puzzle. Now form here before you finish the puzzle and go left. Don’t go right, as this will just make lead to the story continuing forward. However, moving left, you will find the 17th stamina upgrade of this game.

Stamina Upgrade 19

19th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

The final Stamina Upgrade you will find inside Chapter 5 is during your journey through a rocky terrain. Towards the end, when the path ends, two paths will lead to two different roads. From here, go left to find yet another Stamina upgrade.

Chapter 6 Stamina Upgrade

Stamina Upgrade 20

20th Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

In chapter 6, after you get a ball of light that will let you teleport statues from one place to the other. You will be inside a place with large tombstones that act as a background. From there, go and climb the ledge ahead of you here. After you get up the ledge, don’t head inside the cave; instead, go ahead to get the shiny object lying on the ground.

Stamina Upgrade 21

21st Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

After you are in the ghost form of Hiroki, you will go through his village once again. You will pass through the town with burning bridges. At the beginning of this, you will see a body lying just beside a cart. Here beside the body, will be the 21st Stamina Upgrade.

Chapter 7 Stamina Upgrades

Stamina Upgrade 22

22nd Stamina upgrade
Credit- Devolver Digital

When you are almost at the end of the level, you make your way down an alley with a light showing you the way. Before you go inside that light, go right and collect the last and 22nd Stamina Upgrade of Trek to Yomi. This upgrade will be just before the second Shrine you see in the game.

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