Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Code: Alan Wake 2

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Here is how to solve the Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Code in Alan Wake 2.

As you keep on progressing through the story of Alan Wake 2, you will come across several puzzles and riddles. These puzzles and riddles will be crucial to solve so that you can go forward and investigate what is happening. The game has thrill and excitement in every corner of the map, and these items add more to the flavor of Alan Wake 2.

While playing as Saga in Alan Wake 2, you must get past several puzzles to continue with her investigation. One of the most challenging puzzles is the Rock Rock Tree puzzle near the Witchfinder Station. If you are someone who has failed to find the answer to the puzzle and is looking for a solution, you are in the right place. In today’s guide, we will show you the Rock Rock Tree puzzle code and solution.

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Rock Rock Tree Puzzle Code in Alan Wake 2

To solve the Rock Rock Tree puzzle, you will have to find three math equations. These equations can be found on two rocks and one tree. Once you have gained the codes by solving the math equations, you can open the stash to collect the items inside it.

The code to unlock the Rock Rock Tree puzzle is 658. As mentioned, these codes can be derived by solving the three equations. If you want to find the code by yourself by the clues, you will have to find the two rocks and a tree and then observe the equation that is created by the numbers shown on them.

The first rock is just behind the stash. The tree is also pretty easy to find; it’s on the west side of the stash. The third clue and the other rock is a bit tough. But don’t worry, we have the solution for you. You can find the other rock in the middle of the stream to the south of the stash. It’s just beside a giant rock.

The equations are:

  • Rock 1: 3+3 = 6
  • Rock 2: 7-2 = 5
  • Tree: 6+2 = 8

You must put your flashlight on these rocks and trees to reveal the equations. Once you have found the equations, put them in the correct Rock Rock Tree order to get the code.

After you have received the code, head back to the stash and put the code in the lock. Once you have opened the stash by putting in the code, you will get your hands on a Hand Flare, Propane Tank, and a First Aid Kit.

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