Riot to Delete Old & Very Inactive League of Legends Accounts

Riot has announced that they will soon be deleting very inactive accounts.

League of Legends, released in 2008, is one of the most popular games in the world. The game was released over ten years ago, is quite old, and over the years, many people have played League of Legends and even moved on from the game. Moreover, some people just made an account and never even touched the game.

However, Riot currently wishes to delete inactive and old accounts to protect player privacy.

According to an announcement by Riot Games, accounts with zero activity will be targeted and deleted afterward. The mass deletion will not only affect League of Legends accounts but will also affect their other titles.

In a short PSA published on their website, Riot games explained which accounts the mass deletion will affect and their process of deleting inactive accounts.

Riot is said to delete most inactive accounts, but what are inactive accounts?

According to Riot Games, “A Riot Games account is considered inactive when there has not been any login activity across any of our games, applications or web properties for over three years.”

You can make your inactive account active by logging into Riot’s web properties, such as,,,, and, etc., without playing a single game.

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Which accounts will be deleted?

Riot, in their announcement, said an account must meet each of the following criteria to be eligible for deletion due to inactivity.

  • An account is inactive.
  • The account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime.
  • The account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime.
  • Account has played fewer than 20 hours.
  • Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements.

The deleted accounts cannot access any game made by Riot with the account. And the user must create a new riot account to access games like League of Legends, VALORANT, TFT, and others.

Riot will start deleting accounts over the next few months after the announcement. They will notify users via email if their account is marked for termination.

However, you can contact Riot player support to recover your account if your account is deleted.

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