Riot tells affected players to turn Vanguard off and on again following a faulty VALORANT update

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games just rolled back a small update in VALORANT that was responsible for crashing PCs.

Earlier today Riot Games released a micro-update for VALORANT that mainly focused on the anti-cheat and other miscellaneous fixes. After the patch went live, players suddenly started to face a lot of random crashes while playing.

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These random freezes caused players to restart their PCs. Some reports claim this bug was caused due to a potential conflict with Faceit. Meaning uninstalling Faceit from their PCs apparently solved this mysterious issue.

Try turning it off and on again

Riot Games quickly reverted this update. However, for those who have already installed the update, Riot suggested players that they should uninstall Vanguard from their PCs and then try to reinstall it once again. This will put players on the old patch for now till they fix this issue.

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Players are speculating that all these crashes were mainly due to Vanguard since it has a long history of not playing well with other hardware monitoring software. Riot should fix this problem fairly soon. Until then affected players should turn their Vanguard off and on again to fix all these random crashes.

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