Riot Teases Another Monster Champion in Development besides Bel’Veth

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Riot confirms that Bel’Veth is not the monster champion scheduled to release this year, something more terrifying is on the way.

It has been a while since Riot released a true monster champion. Ornn was the last proper monster champion by definition and was released in 2017. Since then, 21 champions have been released, and all of them were humans except Yummi and Lilia. Riot identified Lillia as a humanoid and Yummi as a non-monstrous creature.

So fans have been asking for more monster champions for a while. Riot addressed the issue on a Dev post and discussed why they were releasing more human champions. But they also spoke about a monster champion scheduled for 2022.

Riot Reav3 said –

“Monster isn’t one of the categories because that’s more about aesthetic than anatomy. Aatrox and Renekton are examples of monstrous humanoids, whereas Yuumi is an example of a non-monstrous creature.

We have plans to make a new creature champion in 2022 since it’s been a while, the last one being Yuumi. While it made sense to make a cute creature like Yuumi since the game was lacking in cute creatures, we want the next one to be on the darker side.”

New Monster Champion in League of Legends

Bel’Veth is the upcoming Void jungler and League’s 160th champion. Though the release date was delayed initially, she should be coming out soon as Riot just released a teaser for her. It shows Bel’Veth as a humanoid creature that turns into a void monster. From her leaked abilities, the monster form is her ultimate. So most of the time, Bel’Veth will look like a humanoid creature.

YouTube video

Most of the fanbase were sure about Bel’Veth being the monster champion that Riot mentioned last year. But some fans had questions as Bel’Veth feels like a mix of monster and monstrous human.

Riot Reav3 commented on a Reddit post confirming that Bel’Veth is not the monster champion they talked about in the past. As Bel’Veth was initially developed as a monstrous human, she was much closer to being a monster.

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Release Date for Next Monster Champion

Riot Reav3 confirmed in the comment that the next actual monster champion was scheduled for release this year. But Riot’s new strategy to slow down and polish the champion more before release means the release plans have been pushed back a little.

So instead of later this year, fans should expect the next monster champion to be released in early 2023.

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