Riot Suspends Thebausffs for Inting in League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has recently banned Thebausffs for inting after going 1/17 on Rammus.

League of Legends can be a very toxic game. It is filled with players with disruptive behaviours. These disruptive behaviours include scripting, harassing, being AFK, intentional feeding, etc. Playing against them regularly not only can be annoying but frustrating at the same time. Therefore, Riot consistently tries to combat them by suspending or banning them.

One of the common types of disruptive behaviour is intentional feeding. It is an act where a player constantly and intentionally dies to one or multiple opposing team players, thereby giving the enemy team a huge advantage. These advantages include free gold and XP.

If the player is having a bad day and accidentally fed in one game, the auto ban does not usually trigger. But if the player consistently feeds in most matches, the feeder will get banned. Typically, the offender will receive a 14 days ban.

One streamer/content creator who got regularly suspended for intentional feeding is Thebausffs. Though he mains AD Sion, he has a very “unique playstyle“. His strategy revolves around constantly spit-pushing while dying repeatedly.

Though this play style helped him get to challenger rank in multiple regions, he still received many suspensions. And recently, he again received another ban after he went 1/17 on Rammus.

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Thebausffs Suspended For Inting

In Thebausffs’ recent match, he picked Rammus against a Rumble in the top lane. And during the laning phase, he constantly got harassed and couldn’t farm properly. Additionally, within 16 minutes, he already had 13 deaths in total. And during that 13 deaths, he neither had a kill nor an assist.

After his 13 deaths, he finally got a kill in 17 minutes from an inting Senna. And he hoped that kill would save his account from suspension. But alas, he still got suspended around 11 minutes after the match ended.

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