Tyler1 slams Thebausffs over his “unique cringe playstyle”

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Tyler1 & Thebausffs

After Tyler1 ‘s trip to EUW, he calls out Thebausffs over his “unique cringe playstyle” that promotes intentional feeders.

Thebausffs is a League of Legends streamer who mains the top lane. Though he is very good at the game, reaching challenger rank in many regions, he is mainly known for his unique play style.

Thebausffs mains AD Sion, but his playstyle revolves around him dying repeatedly and split pushing while dishing out the most damage. Thanks to Sion’s passive – Glory in Death, it is more than viable to do. But this strategy is often very risky and is considered intentional feeding, as dying to an enemy player means giving them free XP and gold. Moreover, he has also been banned many times in-game because of his playstyle.

Since this strategy gave Thebausffs an upper edge and made him a challenger, many players want to replicate it and get high ranks. Because of it, in solo queue, many players would pick Sion and play like Thebausffs. Though in high elo, many players understand how this playstyle works and its nuances, so they don’t mind it. But in lower elo, players don’t fully grasp the concept of this strategy and often time ruin the game for other players. So many players reasonably dislike this playstyle.

Tyler1 is also one person who despises this strategy. And he had many things to say about Thebausffs’ playstyle.

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Tyler1 Flames Thebausffs’ Playstyle

In Tyler1’s recent stream, he plays with a top laner who wasn’t playing particularly well. But on that day, Tyler had already lost 16 matches, so he was also frustrated. Because of it, he started ranting about the trolling problem in EUW and how Riot is not banning these players.

Around that time, his chat started mentioning many top-tier players who reached the challenger rank. However, Tyler1 responded that they were “nobodies,” but he also added, “except Thebausffs.” Tyler clarified that Riot doesn’t ban intentional feeders in EUW, is because of him.

He also mentioned that nobody in EUW knows proper macro as everyone is trying to play side lanes, similar to Thebausffs. And during his rant, he called Thebausffs a “reject.”

Thebausffs’ Response

A day later, Thebausffs reacted to the clip. And judging from his expression, he was deeply hurt. He mentioned that it was just a playstyle. He also couldn’t understand why Tyler1 was so harsh. And Thebausffs’ final words about this situation were, “Never meet your heroes, guys.”

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