Riot Shares Bans by System Data For League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Vanguard was introduced to League of Legends, and it had a huge effect thus far with an average of 1500 account bans per day.

Patch 14.9 was an important update to League of Legends as it launched Riot’s proprietary anti-cheat Vanguard into the game. Initially, it had a lot of problems as it had a conflict with some BIOS settings for players. That was later clarified not to be a Vanguard problem but rather a BIOS issue.

Since its release, Riot has banned a bunch of players and now getting ready to take the next steps. Riot’s Head of Anti-Cheat, Phillip Koskinas, shared some data for League of Legends bans pre and post Vanguard.

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Data of Bans

Riot shared the data as to how much effective Vanguard is. Packman only blocked a portion of the cheats while Vanguard does a lot more.

A portion of the bans are still Manually done while Hardware bans have increased as of late. So, accounts that are being banned, are also getting flagged for using the same hardware for another account.

So, not only is Riot banning scripters, but they are also stopping them from using other accounts. Thus, Vanguard is having a tremendous effect with an average of 1500 accounts are being banned per day.

Also, malicious client exploits and Lobby Reveal Programs are getting some bans as well, with the first offense being 2 weeks and then permanent afterward.

Riot’s stance on cheats is nice to see as they try to make League of Legends cheater-free. While there will be concerns about how Vanguard operates, there is no denying it’s doing the job really well.

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