Riot says 5-stack ranked might not return to VALORANT over-concern with splitting the player base

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT fans are always asking Riot to bring back the ability to 5-stack in the ranked mode.

Playing VALORANT with a group is the best way to enjoy this tactical shooter, but players can’t simply queue in a ranked match with their friends due to rank-related restrictions. On top of that, in high ELO, players can only queue with only one player.

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As of now, there is no option to 5-stack in the current iteration of the ranked mode in VALORANT. Players have asked Riot Games repeatedly if they will ever bring back the ability to 5-stack in ranked.

In response, Riot states that there are multiple problems that may arise if they add the ability to 5-stack in the ranked mode. The first concern is adding an extra “flex” queue in ranked might split the queues in two.

Ranked 5-stack update

When thinking about the first question, we have significant concerns regarding splitting queues. We don’t believe splitting the queue—or doing a flex queue—is the best solution for VALORANT. We fear that one ranked queue would become “The Real Ranked Queue” and the other queue becomes less prestigious.”, Jon Walker, Competitive Designer at Riot Games.

Another main concern is match fairness as having only a single ranked queue lets Riot lower the overall queue time. On top of that, they can implement stricter matchmaking. Thus the overall ranked experience remains more consistent.

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In conclusion, due to concerns over splitting up the player base in the ranked mode, 5-stack might not return any time soon.

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